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Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner has top flight ERISA lawyers.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner is the "go to" firm with respect to PBGC issues.

John Brescher McCarter & English, LLP

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner is hands down the best firm available regarding issues with the PBGC. The fact that they were willing to partner with another firm to serve the client was outstanding.

David Walters Bodman PLC

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner are premier experts in addressing pension issues involving the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and plan terminations.

Ethan Kra Ethan E. Kra Actuarial Services, LLC

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner is well-known for its expertise in PBGC matters. I believe that they are one of the best, if not the best, law firms on PBGC matters. Please note that PBGC matters are a specialized subset of the employee benefits area. Due to the expertise of our lawyers in the ERISA area, we rarely need to recommend other law firms. However, I highly recommend this firm on PBGC matters, particularly when there is a need to interface with the PBGC.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner is an excellent firm, with excellent resources. It is always a pleasure to work with them.

Michael Pietzsch Pietzsch, Bonnett, & Womack, P.A.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Our company worked with Linda Rosenzweig at Keightley & Ashner who was extremely active and familiar with the difficult issue of ERISA compliance coupled with the sale of a company covered by a multi-employer plan with unfunded liability. Linda was professional in all aspects of the transaction and I would not hesitate to recommend her both for her expertise, responsiveness and accessibility.

Vernon Brown Lockwood Brothers, Inc.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner is one of the "go to" firms for matters involving the PBGC.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Keightley & Ashner are clearly experts in this complex field of ERISA law. They are very responsive and Harold Ashner has many years of experience in both the public and private sectors. I highly recommend them.

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