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Commercial Litigation

I have been using Klein & Wilson for over 25 years and they are my "go to" law firm.

John Perkins Commerce Construction Co

Commercial Litigation

Klein & Wilson is very organized, professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, responsible, efficient and hardworking.

Commercial Litigation

I have litigated cases with and against Klein & Wilson and know their work product and strategy to be top-notch.

Commercial Litigation

Klein & Wilson is an extraordinary law firm. Clients with important civil litigation should stand in line to work with these lawyers.

Commercial Litigation

Klein & Wilson are a class act. They are extremely competent and civil but tenacious! I would hire them if I were ever in need.

Commercial Litigation

I have known and worked with Mark Wilson and Gerry Klein of Klein & Wilson for more than a decade. They are amongst the Best Lawyers whom I know! Jerry and Mark are "real" Trial Lawyers, and get great results for their Clients. Mark Wilson is a recent "Top Gun" Award recipient as one of the acknowledged Best Trial Lawyers in all of Orange County. I have learned quite a bit from Mark Wilson and I consider him to be an Expert in Legal Malpractice, Ethics of Lawyering, and Trial Practice. I have no hesitation whatsoever in stating that Klein & Wilson are, indeed, the Best Lawyers in Orange County.

Marc Hankin

Commercial Litigation

Unable to achieve an equitable settlement through negotiation, I had no choice but to go to court. Klein & Wilson secured a unanimous jury verdict of $0 to plaintiff and I also received a judgement for costs. I am very happy with this firm.

Mike Honetschlager

Commercial Litigation

The best firm I have ever used. Outstanding in every way.

Norm Nemrow

Commercial Litigation

We had a complex case against a large development firm who has around 10 times the net worth of our small company. The large development firm sued us for around $1.5 million after we sued them for around $1million. The case went on for over a year, the large development firm we were up against was extremely stubborn, aggressive, and difficult to work with. With the expertise of our entrusted attorney, Mr. Mark Wilson, the large development firm eventually realized they stood no chance. At the end, we settled with us getting over half a million dollars, while the oppsing side didn't get any money at all. Mr. Mark Wilson was literally god-like during the entire process, he saved our business.

Enzo Tin

Commercial Litigation

Mark Wilson is by far one of the best lawyers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He is thoughtful, responsive, and strategically aggressive.

Luke Carlson

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