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KKB has emerged as the pre-eminent expert on FDA law for the tobacco industry. Unlike certain other firms who provide generic and repurposed (regurgitated) advice, KKB provides insight and practical advice based upon the client's specific needs.

Don Becker Turning Point Brands, Inc.


We work with the firm regarding FDA regulation of the dietary supplement industry. They act as an integral part of our compliance group and work seamlessly with our internal team. They provide thorough analysis in an extremely timely manner. Their advice is pragmatic and calibrated to address the risk involved in the issue they are addressing.

Michael Klinker Standard Process Inc.


I work with companies that are overseen by the FDA and the rules appear to change about daily it seems. I can always count on KKB to be up to date on all of the latest changes and be there with strategies to help our member companies comply with such changes. They not only have a great understanding of the FDA rules and regulations they take the time to understand our members businesses which allows them to be even more effective at providing sound advice and guidance to all of our companies.

Kevin Altman CITMA


I worked with these fine attorneys in a new department of FDA. Since everything was new, these attorneys brought in expertise from the other departments of FDA in both influencing regulatory direction and then, in compliance. I cannot recommend them enough.


Our experience with Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker's lawyers has always been top-notch. They are incredibly knowledgeable while also having the additional and significant quality of being able to act as a strategy partner with their clients. Their outside-the-box thinking is truly invaluable in an ever-evolving, heavily regulated space. Additionally, they are always responsive while also being thoughtful and thorough in their feedback to clients.

Brittani Cushman Turning Point Brands Inc.

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