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Corporate Law

Jeff Atkinson at Lashly & Baer has always been very responsive to my needs and I have complete confidence in him.

Mike Wilcox St. Louis Caster

Corporate Law

Jeff Atkinson of Lashly & Bear has been with us every step of the way with our family owned business. He is a reliable confident and regularly provides his legal expertise and valuable opinions to guide our business forward. He is accessible and responsive when we need his counsel.

Health Care Law

Lashly & Baer brought unparalleled expertise and knowledge to the forefront in a rare Chapter 9 bankruptcy case involving our Governmental Critical Access Hospital, the USDA, HHS, and Missouri Medicaid. Their capable attorney, notably Mr. Dan Doyle, fought for two years to get our Plan accepted. Our success is due to their abilities. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the best of the best.

Joshua Gilmore Iron County Medical Center

Employment Law - Management

The attorneys with Lashly & Baer possess a thorough understanding of the history and culture of the Rockwood School District. Their team of legal experts provides exceptional and responsive legal services in many different areas. They are trusted partners in the educational process and provide sound legal advice with honesty and integrity.

Employment Law - Management

The Lashly & Baer team was kind and positive even during difficult situations; supports our mission and works hard to minimize costs since we are a non-profit.

Employment Law - Management

Whenever I have a question or an issue Lashly & Baer responds quickly with possible options and best practices.

Joy Seymore Wilson Manufacturing

Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants

I have worked with a number of attorneys at Lashly & Baer for a number of years as both a colleague and a client. I find them to be efficient and effective in both providing advice as well as representation.

Brian Reinhold LSS Living

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