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Commercial Litigation

Brad Jackson is the most helpful, frank and honest attorney I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It's fairly typical to feel that some attorneys have learned to drag their feet or encourage a fight that might be more benefiting to them than it is for their client, but that was not the case with Brad. He would go over the various roads to take and gave me a lot of insight into what choices would lead where. It was very nice having that kind of counsel and wisdom in my particular case. I have a lot of respect for Brad and would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with a Commercial Litigation issue.

Martin Farrell Epic Managment, LLC

Commercial Litigation

Brad and his team at the Law Offices of Brad Jackson have provided invaluable legal assistance over the years to our small business. Whether it is solving a pressing legal problem requiring a quick solution or long-term strategic thinking, the Law Offices of Brad Jackson have been there for us. One of the things I respect the most is the candid and honest communication from him and his team. He may not always know the answer, but he always knows someone who does.

Perry White Bonus of America, Inc.

Commercial Litigation

Brad Jackson is the best small firm lawyer I have ever known. He truly places his client's interests above his own. I have personal knowledge of instances where he convinced a potential client not to hire an attorney, and suggested a non-legal solution that saved the potential client a substantial amount of money. Brad also took a commercial case to trial representing the defendant and after a few days in trial, the plaintiff dismissed its claims and agreed to pay Brad's client a settlement.

Commercial Litigation

Brad Jackson consistently delivers results. He is very diligent & prepared when he enters a courtroom, and that shows in the verdicts received. He is very reasonable for the services delivered, and he does not overbill his clients. In short, he is a man of very high integrity and work ethic. I would highly recommend him to any of my business associates or friends.

Kyle Phillips Advantage Label & Marking, Inc.

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