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Litigation - Municipal

Lori Keeton is an outstanding attorney with a wealth of knowledge about municipal law and civil litigation. Ms. Keeton has provided excellent legal representation in complex civil litigation matters involving law enforcement. Her integrity, professionalism, and ethics are of the highest standards. Ms. Keeton is courteous, honest, and knowledgeable. The Law Offices of Lori Keeton always provides outstanding legal representation.

Jessica Battle Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

Litigation - Municipal

I would give Lori six stars if I could. Lori Keeton is an exceptional attorney, going far beyond the "extra mile" for her clients. Lori is compassionate, conscientious, and very meticulous; she leaves no stone unturned. During my experiences with Lori, I find her to be ethical while maintaining a high level of integrity. It seems in today's world that quality is not always easy to find. We are lucky to have Lori working with our team - she brings unique insight and vast experience to the group. Lori is not only an exception attorney she is an amazing person. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work and know Lori Keeton.

Municipal Law

Lori Keeton is an exceptional attorney with an abundance of knowledge about municipal law. Ms. Keeton has been counsel on a number of municipal law matters and has offered sound legal advice on complex, multilayered issues. Her level of knowledge and integrity is unmatched. Ms. Keeton is trustworthy, timely, and thorough. The Law Offices of Lori Keeton always provides outstanding legal representation.

Jessica Battle Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

Municipal Law

Municipal Law is a very different type of Law. It takes a lot of experience which can only be achieved by spending many hours researching and studying on your own time. It is obvious that Lori has spent a great deal of time getting to know her clients and how to defend clients to the best of her ability. Unfortunately, when dealing with Municipal Law it usually involves politics as well so Lori has to be able to present a solid defense while understanding the politics that can go hand-in-hand with a case. Not always easy to juggle. Lori Keeton does a great job defending our clients and she is a pleasure to work with.

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