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Leydig, Voit & Mayer, LTD.

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Litigation - Intellectual Property

Leydig, Volt & Mayer does an outstanding job for AIG. From my point of view, it is a life saver that they are flexible about necessary administrative modifications, notably our evolving billing procedures. They also do regular educational seminars for us and have provided astute advice about licensing issues. I have worked with many trademark lawyers in my 20-plus years in IP, and Mark Liss is head and shoulders above the rest. As the senior Leydig partner in charge of AIG's trademark portfolio, he is indispensable to us. Superbly knowledgeable and a great communicator, Mark has the gift of inspiring confidence in our often nervous business units. Of particular importance is his ability to see legal issues from a businessperson's point of view. Mark is a clever negotiator and has deftly helped us avoid more than one potential litigation without any sacrifice in the quality of our portfolio protection. We are grateful for his insightful advice on all aspects of trademark and copyright matters from prosecution to litigation to licensing, both domestically and internationally. AIG trusts him implicitly. Claudia Stangle is also a partner and works closely with AIG's trademark portfolio. She is adept and concise when advising our business units and easily converts legal concepts into understandable English for non-lawyers. Claudia is always accessible and able to go the extra mile when necessary.

Elizabeth Pearce American International Group (AIG)

Patent Law

Leydig, Voit & Mayer is an excellent patent firm with a full range of expertise.

Patent Law

Leydig, Boit & Mayer are smart, strategic lawyers that know how to execute on a company's needs. They understand the business realities and can work with the client to drive to the goal.

Hamza Suria AnaptysBio, Inc.

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