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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Commercial Litigation

With the addition of the team led by Steven S. Rosenthal, Loeb & Loeb has risen to the top of the heap among commercial litigation firms in Washington, D.C. Loeb & Loeb has consistently proven itself to be more than capable of parrying multiple distinguished opposing counsel, breaking new ground in the process through superior litigation strategy and tactics. Tiffany R. Moseley and J.D. Taliaferro deserve special mention for their demonstrated excellence and professionalism.

Entertainment Law - Motion Pictures & Television

I've been working with Scott Edel, Loeb Chair, Entertainment, for over 20 years and the last 10 while he has been at Loeb & Loeb. Scott and his team have depth of knowledge across all aspects of the entertainment business, including film, TV, music and corporate. What is important for me, as a content provider, is not only that the documents are buttoned-up legally but that Scott and his team are "deal makers" not "deal breakers." I have had many experiences with the latter, who are more interested in winning issues rather than closing a deal that is a "win win" for both sides. It takes a balance to perform at that level.

Scott Parish Alcon Entertainment

Entertainment Law - Motion Pictures & Television

Without a doubt, Loeb & Loeb has best entertainment attorneys in the business. Loeb & Loeb can handle everything, from financing and early development, to distribution and output deals to advertising and P&A arrangements, and from the light lifting to extremely heavy lifting. They are THE go to.

Entertainment Law - Motion Pictures & Television

Loeb & Loeb understands entertainment law and how to work with clients. I am happy to refer them to anyone who needs representation because I trust not only their ability but also the manner in which they will represent their clients.

Sara Prager Viacom

Entertainment Law - Music

Loeb & Loeb achieved an excellent result in a music industry case in which my company was one of the plaintiffs.

Victoria Traube Imagem Music

Entertainment Law - Motion Pictures & Television

I have been working closely with Marc Chamlin at Loeb & Loeb for over 12 years. He has been my counsel, my mentor and my friend. Last year Marc helped me to navigate the sale of my company to a European media company. Along with his colleague, Lloyd Rothenberg, Marc guided me and my team through this very new and confusing process. I could not be more pleased with Marc's and Lloyd's professionalism during the negotiations and all sides were very pleased with the deal. Marc is "friendly but firm" and I could not be happier with how he has represented me and my company. I have nothing but praise for Marc and Loeb & Loeb. They are simply the best firm I've ever worked with in my 30 year career.

Josh Selig Little Airplane Productions

Entertainment Law - Music

Over a decade ago, Marc Chamlin at Loeb & Loeb advised my production company to become more proactive in the area of music publishing. We followed Marc's advice and set up our own music publishing division. This has led to an entirely new profit center for the company. We are deeply grateful to Marc for helping us realize the full potential of our music. Marc has always looked at my company in a holistic way and helped me better understand our potential. This has been invaluable to me and my team, personally and professionally.

Josh Selig Little Airplane Productions

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