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Lommen Abdo Law Firm

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Corporate Law

Steeped in the law, mathematics and common sense, Roger Stageberg of Lommen Abdo Law Firm has guided us through 44 years of participating in literally all types of business structures specific to the opportunity including controlled and noncontrolled foreign corporations. His inquiring mind and ability to understand esoteric reinsurance and other contractual issues have allowed us to prevail in a myriad of negotiations and the occasional complicated litigation.

Alfred Richie

Corporate Law

I felt I was putting my confidence in a very trusted friend with the Lommen Abdo Law Firm.

Allan Lundervold Lundervold & Co.

Corporate Law

Lommen Abdo Law Firm has great depth of expertise and decades of "client first" focus. They are personable and helpful in every instance. I highly recommend this firm.

Bill Shimp Medical Doctor

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Lommen Abdo Law Firm did a very good job of representing us.

Corporate Law

Lommen Abdo Law Firm has been extremely responsive to our needs even if it means directing us to other legal advice. They are true professionals.

Brent Niccum NCCM Company

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Lommen Abdo Law Firm is an outstanding law firm for the defense of legal malpractice actions.

Bruce Boeder Bruce A. Boeder, P.A.

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

I was engaged by Lommen Abdo Law Firm to serve as an expert witness for the defense in a legal malpractice action. The principal attorney handling the defense of the action was Phillip Cole. Mr. Cole is a highly competent attorney who represented his client with great skill and achieved an excellent result. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of both malpractice law and the highly technical area of real estate law that was at issue in the case.

Michael Brutlag Brutlag, Hartmann & Trucke

Corporate Law

Lommen Abdo Law Firm has always had a fair-minded philosophy that is focused on a mutually amenable outcome that satisfies both parties. Bob Abdo is very business-minded and always approaches discussions with the overall business impact in mind. He provides a big picture outlook while paying close attention to pertinent details.

Frank Capan

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Lommen Abdo Law Firm is an excellent professional liability defense firm. They can handle extremely complex matters and do a fine job on complex coverage issues.

Appellate Practice

Lommen Abdo Law Firm has very knowledgeable and competent appellate advocates.

Corporate Law

I have been working with Robert Abdo at the Lommen Abdo Law Firm for the past 20 years. Their expertise and the time it takes to provide documents for my clients is outstanding! I highly recommend Robert!

Roger Versteeg SWBC Executive Benefits Group,

Corporate Law

Lommen Abdo Law Firm provides valuable services at cost-effective rates to their clients. Their knowledge and experience is outstanding and only eclipsed by their compassion and desire to exceed the expectations of their clients. They have always proven to be a strong advocate for their clients. Lommen Abdo Law Firm is a great firm, made up of great people.

John Knutson Catalyst Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy

Corporate Law

We just finished a 42 month long legal battle with Union labor fringe funds. The work our attorneys at Lommen Abdo Law Firm did was excellent and our outcome was even better.

Pete Donnino Frana Companies, Inc.