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Corporate Law

Steeped in the law, mathematics and common sense, Roger Stageberg of Lommen Abdo has guided us through 44 years of participating in literally all types of business structures including controlled and noncontrolled foreign corporations. His inquiring mind and the ability to understand esoteric reinsurance and other contractual issues have allowed us to prevail in myriad negotiations and the occasional complicated litigation. In negotiation or litigation, Roger's ability to ethically reason through a calculated position with us (or opposing counsel and sometimes the court) has forged many an otherwise invisible path through a maze of conflicting opinions and confusing facts, consistently resulting in a successful result for us. Having so honorably served his country (commander, U.S. Navy), community (president, Legal Aid), fellow lawyers (president, bar associations), church (pastor, theology) and all of the rest of us, all I can say is thank you, Roger Stageberg, for making such a profound difference in our lives. I would give him six stars on a five-star system.

Alfred Richie

Employment Law - Management

The Lommen Abdo Law Firm is exceptionally professional and accommodating.