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Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, P.C.

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Client Comments

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Employment Law - Management

Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun is a great firm to work with. They are very customer-oriented, extremely competent and reliable.

Daryl Reinicke Westhills Village/Presbyterian Retirement Home

Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships)

I have always had great experiences with Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun when they have represented my company or a mutual client. They always respond timely to any contact whether it be emails or phone calls. I generally work with them in the areas of Trusts and Estates but have also had dealings with them in the areas of Contracts, Real Estate, and Guardian/Conservatorship. Their understanding in those areas of the law has been impressive, and they admit when they need to perform additional research.

Greg Litton Bank West

Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

In the past I've dealt with Tom Fritz and Alan Peterson at Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, each time with excellent results.

Richard Burns Federated Rural Electric Insurance