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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Family Law

Julie Gerock and her team were exceptional in handling my divorce. Her analysis was thorough, her responsiveness was quick, and her advice was astute. Every interaction with her team was professional and compassionate during a very challenging time.

Family Law

“I have been working with Tashina since 2016 and still today, I found that Tashina Gorgone was an invaluable resource when it comes to protecting my rights as a father in courtrooms. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the law is unsurpassed. She was very patient with me; always answered my questions and gave me objective counsel and support. I knew I could trust in her hard work and diligence which resulted in a favorable outcome in all the 4 consecutive custodial cases that I had to deal with; the last one just a month ago, and as usual she gave her best, even when it was a virtual trial. Tashina has integrity, she has an unbelievable presence in the courtroom she really is a tiger litigating. She stands for justice and she is fair. Tashina is an attorney that will fight for you, she is so good that she knew some laws that the judge learned from. I would pay for this attorney her weight in gold because that is what she is in the courtroom: “golden”. I always would highly recommend her, because together with her extraordinary team they are the best”. I have the blessing to live with my daughter as a father, thanks to her and her team. Hats off to all Maddox & Gerock P.C.

Arturo Cubillos

Family Law

I could not be more impressed with Katharine Maddox. Intelligent, ethical, detail-oriented, professional, responsive, and dedicated are a few of the terms that come to mind when thinking of her and her firm. If one is in need of representation in family law, one can do no better than Maddox and Gerock

Chris Nelson

Family Law

I would recommend Maddox & Gerock for all Family Law matters. My situations was unique, as my ex-wife lives in Belgium. My lawyer, Karrie Dodson handled the situation like a champion. She never did anything, without first checking with me to ensure she had my best interest at heart. Her paralegal, Pamela Bass, was extremely knowledgeable and ensured every email I sent, Karrie had it and responded quickly.

Randy Helms

Family Law

Scott Weinbaum of Maddox & Gerock represented me in my contentious divorce and custody mediation. Scott consistently provided expert guidance and a great deal of restraint, always sticking to the plan of staying on the “high road” no matter the antics of my ex-spouse and his attorney. I genuinely appreciated Scott’s responsiveness and no-nonsense way of communicating. His answers weren’t always what I’d hoped to hear, but they were always what I needed to understand about custody & divorce laws of Virginia as they pertained to my own unique situation. I have already recommended Scott to friends in need of a family law attorney in the Northern VA area and will continue to do so.

Family Law

I have relied on Maddox & Gerock's legal services over the many years for my complex legal case, and I can attest that Katherine Maddox' expertise, responsiveness, understanding and professionalism overseeing my case over the years have exceeded my expectations from the first time I reached out to Katherine for assistance to years after. Katherine's knowledge of the intricacies of the law, both in terms of family law and specifically international custody law, her steadfast and tireless diplomacy and unwavering focus and care for her client's needs, as well as sharp focus on fairness for all parties involved, and most of all, the welfare of the children that Katherine exhibits is truly unparalleled. Every hour spent on the case is accounted for and produces solid results. Katharine is professional and passionate about her work, and above all, is fair, and undeniably absolutely dependable . I have and will continue to recommended her to my colleagues and friends who need reliable professional responsive expert representation as well as to anyone who needs the best lawyer for most complex cases.

Lina Alexander

Family Law

Though I needed to hire a lawyer for an unpleasant reason (divorce), the care provided by Maddox & Gerock was nothing but compassionate and professional. They walked me through everything that I needed to do to move forward with the proceedings and made sure that I understood everything from how long the process usually takes to my rights as a spouse when determining the separation of assets. I was very pleased by every interaction I had with Maddox & Gerock despite only visiting the office once due to COVID-19. I would recommend Maddox & Gerock to anyone who needs a family lawyer.

Family Law

Maddox & Gerock has it together! Every staff member who I have come in contact with has been pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and, most importantly to me during this very difficult time, were warm, caring and empathetic. Julie listens to all of my concerns, legal or not. When I'm dealing with an issue that is outside her expertise, she finds me the right resource to address my needs. She is great at looking two steps ahead and making sure we "have all our ducks in a row." She is a creative problem-solver. Plus, she's just really easy to talk to; it's like I'm chatting with a friend. Her assistant is polite, prompt, and efficient. The paralegal working on my case is all of those things too and also proactive and patient. Even the little things, like their billing process, are top-notch; invoices are sent on a predictable schedule, the time billed is detailed clearly, and the format is easy to understand. My future is uncertain, but I have 100% confidence that Julie has my back and that her team is going to work tirelessly to try to put me in the best position possible for brighter days ahead.

Family Law

The team at Maddox & Gerock is professional, empathetic, detail-oriented, and completely focused on supporting their clients' needs in every way. The attorneys and the staff alike distinguish themselves by their laser focus on the unique wants and needs of every client, understanding that no two family law cases are the same. In my case, they fought fiercely to protect me and my children and totally succeeded in preserving my rights as a father. I recommend Maddox & Gerock every chance I get because I have complete confidence in their mastery of family law, their distinguished standing in the courts, the strong teamwork of the entire office, and their absolute dedication to their work on behalf of their clients. Katharine Maddox, Julie Gerock, and their entire team are world-class and I am eternally appreciative of their advocacy on behalf of me and my children.

Keith Masback

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