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Litigation - Intellectual Property

Mr Magee's bi-national qualification and experience make him particularly valuable in providing informed and wise counsel and representation. He knows his area of the law, he relates well to clients and to other lawyers, and he has a keen sense of public service.

William Bridge SMU Dedman School of Law

Litigation - Patent

I have worked with Tony on patent cases since 2009. He has always been professional, thorough and solution focused. I would and have highly recommended him and Magee Legal.

Stefanie Prichard Securus Technologies, Inc.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Tony was very helpful and essential in helping us close the sale of our business. He was firm and resolute with the many lawyers representing the buyer. He was equally patient and thorough when explaining the warranties and consequences to us. Tony was uniquely qualified but also fun to work with; a quality not found in many lawyers.

Mark Monfrey Artisanal Beverage Company

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Tony is an excellent lawyer.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Tony is excellent to work with and mindful of budget, which as a small company I appreciate. He knows his stuff, can communicate in English (as opposed to legalese) with clients and generated a great outcome for us.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Two items often overlooked in talking about what makes an attorney a truly outstanding practitioner are curiosity and creativity. Tony Magee has these traits in abundance. I recommend Magee Legal without hesitation.

Brian Kibble-Smith Allpaid, Inc.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

I know Anthony Magee quite well, and have for years. We have worked together on significant charitable and professional development activities, and I know him to be exceptionally bright, intellectually curious, kind, dedicated, and diligent.

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