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Immigration Law

We have been working for years with Maggio + Kattar and always find accurate approach and great expertise in providing the proper and updated solution to immigration matters.

Stefano Pacifico Eca Italia

Immigration Law

I have been working with Maggio + Kattar for almost 20 years. The responsiveness is always strong. Accessibility to all levels of the team and their understanding and knowledge of all of our cases is impressive.

Immigration Law

Maggio + Kattar is a good team. Managing partner John Nahajzer is exceptional. We rely on their expertise and support, and they deliver.

Brian Wheeler Sabert

Immigration Law

The attorneys at Maggio + Kattar provide excellent service. Employees report the Maggio + Kattar team are very responsive and this leads to positive outcomes for the employees and their families.

Immigration Law

We have been working regularly with Maggio + Kattar over a number of years with our clients from France and other geographic locations, the services and advice are excellent. The partners are always available and reply rapidly. They share a lot of information and advice. We have organized numerous webinars and our knowledgeable clients on US immigration matters always find they learn more and are given information that other firms do not share. I would highly recommend them.

Fiona Mougenot Expat Partners

Immigration Law

Jim Alexander, of Maggio + Kattar, is one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent and down to earth lawyers I know (and I know a lot of lawyers).

Sophy King Peregrine

Immigration Law

I've been working with Maggio + Kattar for a while now and truly appreciate their work; apart from their expertise in US immigration, they offer interesting fees, a very good customer service and are very friendly. They come to visit us every time they're in Paris and this is always very highly appreciated by a customer. We're looking forward to working with them even more in the future!

Virginie La Baler Cooptalis

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