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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Employment Law - Individuals

At Mitchell & Sheahan they are very good, and provided no-nonsense help in a very difficult situation. The situation was analyzed realistically (they don't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear and understand) and the outcome was excellent.

Litigation - Labor & Employment

Mitchell & Sheahan provide excellent service and advice regarding litigation issues.

Ronald Ing Town of Stratford

Employment Law - Individuals

This was my first experience retaining the services of a law firm regarding an employment matter, so I was very much a novice on how matters are handled. In addition, my employment case was extremely distressing and emotional for me. My attorney, Gary Phelan, was very patient, listened to me, thoroughly explained how my type of case is handled, his recommendations for handling the case, received my approval prior to taking any action, and always advised me promptly after taking action. Attorney Phelan reached an agreement far greater than I thought possible. The office staff was responsive and friendly. I feel very fortunate to have found and used Mitchell & Sheahan, and specifically Attorney Phelan. If I am ever in a similar situation, I would definitely retain the services of Attorney Phelan/Mitchell & Sheahan; though for my sake, I hope never to be in a similar situation.

Barbara Nielsen

Employment Law - Individuals

Gary Phelan at Mitchell & Sheahan was exceptional, very knowledgeable, and showed compassion where it was needed but very business like in front of other people.

Employment Law - Individuals

Attorney Gary Phelan of Mitchell & Sheahan was outstanding. I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

Employment Law - Individuals

Gary Phelan at Mitchell & Sheahan was fantastic and expedited my case! The results were wonderful and I will be a client for life.

Antoinette Carey

Employment Law - Management

Mitchell & Sheahan is a professional, knowledgeable and excellent law firm. I have complete trust and faith in their recommendations and guidance on all legal matters.

Ronald Ing Town of Stratford

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