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Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs

We hired Morris, King, and Hodge (MKH) to represent us after a car accident. The other driver was driving impaired and fled the scene of the accident (police caught them later). My team consisted of Joe King, Dianna Della-Calce, and Jasmine McNamara. First I would like to say you will get way more service than going with one of the high volume personal injury attorneys (single practice types you see on TV). MKH will execute your suit at the speed you are comfortable with. And they will always want you to be healthy and recovered from the incident/accident before they start any type of recovery. We first met/interviewed with Mr King to see if our case had any merit and was worth pursuing. Mr King verified we did have a valid case and explained the process he would follow to recover funds from the at fault individual. After that you will work with his team (ours was Dianna And Jasmine) to collect all the needed paper work (accident report, doctor diagnosis, physical therapy diagnosis, ER visits, and all the bills associated with those). That took us about 3-5 months to collect as we hired MKH 1 week after the accident. After that you let MKH get to work. They will come back to you with additional requests for paperwork. You will need to reply in a timely manner to them. Make sure you send them everything you get related to the incident/wreck. We settled the case about 1 & 1/2 years after the accident. We did have to go to court because minors (our children) were involved. Jasmine was our court Lawyer and she did an excellent job preparing us for the session in front of the judge. Bottom line, we were very happy with the professionalism, knowledge, and service we received from MKH.

Joe Yarbrough

Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs

Morris, King & Hodge accepted my case after I had been rejected by other firms due to the small size of my claim and failure to seek medical attention immediately after my accident. Mr. King worked diligently on my behalf to obtain a very satisfying result. Hopefully, I will never need help for a personal injury claim again, but if I do, I will call Morris, King & Hodge right away.

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