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Moss & Barnett P.A.

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Trusts & Estates Law

I am a Director at an Ultra Wealth advisory firm. The estate lawyers at Moss & Barnett are great partners, knowledgeable and proactive which is a great benefit to our mutual clients.

Corporate Law

I have used Moss & Barnett for multiple specialty areas for J&B's business, family planning and personal/business counsel.

Robert Hageman J&B Wholesale Distributing, Inc.

Banking and Finance Law

Moss & Barnett is one of my go- to law firms, excellent team that I have utmost confidence in.

Lisa Maloney Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC

Corporate Law

The attorneys at Moss & Barnett are a true partner with Alexandria Industries. We have leaned on Dave Senger, Jodi Johson, Chris Stall, Craig Brandt, Yuri Berndt & Shannon Heim all this past year. That is quite a list of attorneys. The real power of Moss & Barnett is that they seamlessly integrate the talents of these attorneys into delivering for Alexandria Industries on a very personalized basis and an extremely responsive basis. Moss & Barnett is my go to firm, without a doubt, when a legal question comes up or when a difficult scenario needs to be discussed.

Jon Olson Alexandria Industries

Tax Law

Moss & Barnett has extremely deep tax talent. I can always count on Moss & Barnett to not only have the right answer, but to have the practical answer. That is a big differentiator I believe in a professional services firm. Moss & Barnett understands that Alexandria Industries needs practical, real-world advice in navigating the issues a company our size and complexity encounters. I would recommend Moss & Barnett without hesitation.

Jon Olson Alexandria Industries

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