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Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Banking and Finance Law

Working with Trish Rogers at Moye White is one of the best business decisions our group has made. We have worked with Moye White for over 3 years now, and have used Trish for all manner of banking transactions, both domestic and with international exposure. In every instance, Trish provides the highest quality work, in the most efficient manner and has been pivotal with the success of many of our transactions. I do not, and would not, hesitate in providing colleagues and peers Trish’s name when it comes to this banking and finance legal work nationwide. Trish is extremely knowledgeable about all applicable topics, laws, and regulations. She is well versed and prepared with solutions, ideas, structures and always has the answer to questions that we pose. Trish is responsive and attentive to all requests, even when out of the office. Her ability to concisely and precisely summarize the issues, provide solutions, as well as her overall work product is exceptional. Trish is an outstanding resource for banking and finance related legal questions and work.

Zach Nicol US Bank

Real Estate Law

We have worked with Moye White for over 15 years and they have added a great value to all of our business deals. They have helped us grow as a company.

Real Estate Law

Moye White has handled our legal needs for over 20 years.They have been and remain highly effective members of our team.

Real Estate Law

Moye White is simply the best real estate law firm in the Rocky Mountain region. They have depth and knowledge in every type of real estate and real estate tax problem. Erik Foster, Scott Greiner, Kelly Rieman, and William Jones are particularly known to be outstanding lawyers.

Edmund Frost Frost Brothers

Corporate Governance Law

Moye White was very helpful on all aspects of corporate governance.

Mark Fogg COPIC Insurance Company

Communications Law

Moye White currently handles AT&T's collections work. The issues are often complex, and it is not uncommon for matters to have PR and External Affairs implications. Moye White, and in particular its partner Paul Franke, handles all of this masterfully, representing AT&T in a professional manner while striving (usually successfully) to achieve significant recoveries.

Corporate Governance Law

I really enjoy working with Moye White. They bring a unique combination of competence, responsiveness, and solid service.

Communications Law

Working with Moye White and their counsel has been a pleasure. They are extremely detailed and understand the requirements for tower siting.

Construction Law

Moye White has helped my companies in many areas for many years. Our experience with them has been productive and greatly appreciated by us as clients.

Bob Myers BGSM Corporation

Copyright Law

Charles Luce at Moye White was extremely professional and patiently took us through the IP process with great success!

Susan Bash Van Vleet Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.

Corporate Compliance Law

Moye White consistently delivers at the highest level, offering exceptional value for their fees.

Corporate Law

Moye White has helped my firm with many items including asset purchases, organizational structuring and restructurings, key man employment contracts, and many others. Most notably, they were instrumental in our numerous acquisitions. Attention to detail, depth of knowledge, and the ability to come up with outside the box solutions are but a few of their strengths. It is undeniable that Moye White has been a major contributing factor in the success of my firm.

Nathan Kubik Carnick & Kubik

Litigation - Construction

Moye White has handled our legal needs for 10 years. We have no complaints.

Banking and Finance Law

Working with Moye White is a breath of fresh air compared to many of its peer firms who seem to be focused on just billing hours rather than building long-term relationships. I appreciate that I can call their lawyers and have a high-level discussion about a deal while determining validity/interest without receiving a bill for 0.25 hours. There is the understanding that if they help me understand concepts on the front end, then they will get the business, which will be much more profitable to the firm than a consultative $150. All of the lawyers I work with are very responsive, working late at night as well as over the weekends. This is very helpful, as many times the individual deals are very fluid and require immediate feedback.

Banking and Finance Law

Trish Roger at Moye White provides the excellent customer service. First, she demonstrates great expertise and bandwidth covering real estate and commercial & industrial issues, including but not limited to finding solutions which work for both the bank and their respective client; she always completes work before deadlines and proactively keeps the relationship manager on track to close the respective loan on time and will return calls or emails within a relatively short period of time, even when out of the country; she has intuitive and experienced awareness of what the bank requires when negotiating documents and at the same time recognizes the practical business implications of the discussions; and she provides an approximate upfront cost on proposed documentation, costs exceed the projection, there is willingness to discuss overall costs, even if it is the client who is creating the excess costs. In addition, there is responsiveness to legal questions outside documenting a specific deal, which provides continuous and tremendous value to the relationship manager. She is also always professional, courteous and proactive with the relationship manager, support staff and client's legal counsel. Based on the factors mentioned above, I have referred clients to the firm.

Michael Oberndorf Colorado Biz Bank

Banking and Finance Law

In my opinion, Moye White is the best overall firm in the country in the admittedly niche field of state securities registration, and that is due almost entirely to David Roos. As a former regulator at the SEC, David intuitively understands the best way to approach an issue with regulators. He is cost-conscious, civil and highly responsive to both regulators and clients. It is nigh impossible to find a better value proposition anywhere in the practice of Blue Sky law.

Seth Hertlein Franklin Square Capital Partners

Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law

Moye White is a firm comprised of extremely responsive attorneys that are among the best in their field of practice. I have referred many colleagues to Moye White for private equity and securities law needs and have received nothing but great feedback from these colleagues. This firm provides the most cost-effective services at the highest level of legal understanding and professionalism. I now use them for all of my legal needs, not just private equity.

Micah Spruill Aurora Research Partners

Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law

We are a small private equity firm that has a need for regular legal advise in extremely different industries and differing levels of target sophistication. Trish Rogers and Moye White have been able to change with us as necessary from deal to deal. When dealing with an experienced target, they are able to provide advice keeping us protected in very complex transactions. When dealing with smaller and less experienced targets, Moye White does a great job of protecting us without killing the transaction. My highest compliment to any law firm would be that they understand the business side of the transaction well, and Moye White has always found that balance for us.

Jerry Harrison Five Stand Capital

Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Ed Naylor (Moye White) was invaluable in the sale of my businesses IDES and SWAP. Ed always listened to my concerns and ensured they were included in the agreements. Ed is extremely knowledgeable and when issues arose such as Insurance (especially Errors and Omissions) he spent hours on the phone with Agents and Underwriters to become thoroughly educated in the specifics related to my sale. He always took the lead and steering a clear path to resolution of issues. He leveraged other lawyers at Moye White to address issues outside of his expertise, such as tax implications, where they proved more useful than my own accountant. At the end of the day, we got full price for the sale and negotiated terms that I felt were extremely favorable to me, because of Moye White. Ed was always available including evenings and weekends and provide outstanding service at a very cost effective price.

Guy Ford Independent District Engineering Services, LLC