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  • Crane Co.
  • DFW Airport
  • Galderma Laboratories, LP
  • GE Capital Corporation
  • Honeywell
  • L3 Communications
  • Marlow Industries
  • Raytheon
  • Siemens Corporation
  • Texas A&M University

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Copyright Law

Dedicated and Knowledgeable attorneys that work hard for their clients.

Luis Cruz Trinity Groves Restaurant Incubator Partners LP

Corporate Law

We've been with Munck Wilson Mandala since the company's inception. They have been an incredible partner through all phases of the journey from a small scrappy start up raising friends and family money, through VC funding, Royalty financing, minority PE, and majority PE transactions. Through it all, MWM has been one of our most trusted and reliable partners.

Jimmie MacLean

Technology Law

Munck Wilson Mandala is highly responsive, and its work is of very high quality at very cost-effective pricing. Munck Wilson Mandala is committed to diversity, and it is not just advertising talk. Munck Wilson Mandala has shown its commitment in its hiring and promotion actions.

Patent Law

We've successfully received multiple patents for our technology working with MWM, and also defended against baseless patent trolls.

Jimmie MacLean

Litigation - Patent

Over 20 years Munck Wilson Mandala has successfully prosecuted several patent infringement actions on behalf of Sleep Methods parent iLife Solutions.

Michael Lehrman iLife Technologies

Litigation - Patent

Munck Wilson Mandala provides excellent service for very reasonable fees.

Daniel Sibley

Trademark Law

I have used Munck Wilson Mandala exclusively for trademark work. Their work is always well done, and we always excellent response and personal attention. I wouldn't use anyone else!

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