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Family Law

Three years ago, I called two different attorneys on a recommendation. A year later, I was lost, confused, and overwhelmed in a process I thought would be reasonably straightforward. For a year, I listened to my attorneys' pontificate about what the other side would argue and allowed them to let my opposition walk all over me to the point where the tables had been turned. Dejected and at a loss for hope, I felt like I needed to take control of what was becoming a contentious divorce. I called David, and what was my last call to an attorney should have been my first. Naggiar & Sarif was responsive and fast to handle any request where my past council I felt was just eager to hit the next hunting trip. Though David has many clients, he makes you feel like you are all he has. His responses are marination of your thoughts. His legal expertise bonded together in perfect symmetry to produce a positive outcome for his main objective, which, in my case, was the kids. Many of his other reviews speak that they had to parachute David into the battlefield to bring peace and resolution. My case exemplified that, but in hindsight, if he were my third call from the get-go, he would have been my last. His fees are fair, and his desire to argue reason and merits are tactful and delivered with a normal conversation, not legal ease—just an all-around great attorney and individual. I would highly recommend him or Danny to anyone. Divorce is ridiculous, and these guys brought balance to the process.

Kris Johnson

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