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Highlighted Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Environmental Law

The work that Norris McLaughlin has been doing for us is diminishing, but it is still very high quality.

Mitch Gertz Solvay Solexis, Inc.

Family Law

The attorney I hired was Jeralyn Lawrence of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus for Family Law. She was professional, ethical, and brilliant. She is the best attorney I’ve ever worked with!

Jan Cyzner

Family Law

Norris McLaughlin provides outstanding legal guidance with emotional and social awareness. Their expertise and support were, and continue to be invaluable.

Family Law

Jeralyn of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus was great! She is knowledgeable, patient with my lack of knowledge, fierce and honest

Family Law

I went through a difficult divorce and it was reassuring to know that someone (Norris McLaughlin) was looking out for me.

Corporate Law

I have worked with Norris McLaughlin & Marcus for many years and have never been disappointed. John Vanarthos and his team are extremely skilled, reliable and effective.

Environmental Law

I am extremely lucky to have Jeff Casaletto and all of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus behind me. No matter the issue, I call over to them and receive first-class legal services.

Peter Fiverson Columbia Terminals

Corporate Law

We feel very comfortable with our relationship to Norris McLaughlin & Marcus. Our requests often concern International Law and are usually not of a basic level. Nevertheless, advice is given readily and quickly, with focus on the substance, which is substantial for foreign customers like us with limited qualification in American and Federal Law. The advisors at Norris McLaughlin & Marcus are always a pleasure to work with. John Vanarthos has built a very professional team of lawyers.

Banking and Finance Law

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus is efficient and responsive and understands the business side of the transaction as well as the legal aspects of the case. They staff leanly and are cost-efficient. In my view, they have the best environmental attorney on staff in the state of NJ.

Product Liability Litigation - Defendants

Our company reached out to Steven Karg at Norris McLaughlin & Marcus in 2011 and we have been working with them ever since. Steve Karg is a pleasure to work with. His demeanor is such that you feel confident that he will handle whatever the situation is in the utmost professional and timely way and he never disappoints. Steve has also referred us to other lawyers within the firm that have been equally professional and pleasant to work with, including one in PA and in the NY office.

Melissa Windish Fairway Green

Real Estate Law

Joel Jacobson of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus is an amazing attorney. He carefully sought to understand my specific needs and requirements, and he significantly helped to fine-tune my deal in order to ensure that I would be properly protected throughout the term of the deal. Jacobson is the consummate professional, giving insight and knowledge while providing excellent legal documents that are tightly constructed that met and exceeded my expectations.

Environmental Law

While I was inside V.P., General Counsel for Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc., I interviewed and selected Norris McLaughlin & Marcus attorney Edward Hogan, Esq. over many candidates to be the company's outside environmental counsel. He came highly recommended. Mr. Hogan continues to work for the company as outside environmental counsel and provides excellent work product.

Commercial Litigation

I truly value the service and dedication that Jerry Gallagher and the team at Norris McLaughlin & Morris put into our case. Their expertise and responsiveness to our questions and concerns during our appeal defense made it abundantly clear we made the right choice.

Rob Connolly BC Compliance Group

Litigation - Labor & Employment

Rutgers Office of General Counsel has retained the services of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus for decades and is exceptionally pleased with the services we receive. The Norris firm understands the workings of our institution, is entirely attentive to the matters that we present to them, and brings excellent analysis and legal advice to every matter. We retain the Norris firm for many complex matters and find that the firm handles these matters with great sophistication.

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