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Commercial Litigation

Novack and Macey has provided my company superior expertise as trial counsel for years; but what distinguishes the firm is its willingness to offer almost bespoke services, individual to particular client needs and circumstances. I've always used the firm in highly technical, even arcane, legal and commercial settings and the lawyers have impressed me by developing an in-depth understanding of the unique complexities of business and technical contexts around the dispute. They're then able to accurately translate and communicate these complexities effectively in ways that judges and juries can grasp. Additionally, the firm maintains high standards consistent through its ranks, from the most senior partners to young lawyers.

Vincent Duane

Commercial Litigation

Novack and Macey has represented us for many years on high stakes litigation in state and federal court. They are some of our most trusted advisors and counsel. They are smart, creative, and well-versed in a broad spectrum of legal issues. They are responsive and work collaboratively with us.

Kevin McCormick Groupon, Inc.

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Novack and Macey assisted the firm or its lawyers with several important matters in 2021. In each matter, Novack and Macey brought its expertise and common sense approach to find solutions amidst the flotsam and jetsam of the matters. In one of the matters, Novack and Macey's analysis provided the ammunition we needed to take on what appeared to be an intractable situation. In another, Novack and Macey's experience, both in the Chicago area and the Midwest, proved to be the difference maker when our adversary's counsel simply could not keep up with ours.

Commercial Litigation

Novack and Macey, as individuals, are both first-class litigators.

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