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Novack and Macey LLP

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Commercial Litigation

Everyone from Novack and Macey that I have worked with has been professional and diligent regarding my cases. They level out professionalism is outstanding and I highly recommend them.

Commercial Litigation

Novack and Macey attorneys have tremendous experience, strong work ethic, solid counsel and advice.

Commercial Litigation

Novack and Macey is an outstanding law firm that provides elite, top tier, big law capabilities without the big law pricing. More than that, they are nimble, aggressive, and creative. They are a go to resource for intractable legal problems.

Litigation - Real Estate

I have consulted with Novack and Macey for almost 20 years, specifically, Monte Mann and Steve Novack. The firm has some of the most skilled and talented lawyers in the Chicago area. They are trusted advisors not only for the litigation process, but how best to bring a commercial focus to ensure they are achieving the best result for the client. From a lawyer's perspective, it is fun to win the case. From the client's perspective, we need someone who is ready to win the case and will advise us when using another creative dispute resolution would be better for us.

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Novack and Macey is an excellent firm. They have both a stellar reputation and produce stellar work product. I have no reservation in recommending them.

Commercial Litigation

Novack and Macey is a first rate litigation shop in a smaller firm setting. I very much like Eric Macey and respect his judgment.

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