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Energy Law

Osborn Maledon's energy law practice is outstanding, with attorneys who are knowledgeable in both state regulatory law as well as federal energy law. They also have great knowledge of all business aspects of electric utilities and how regulation intersects with the business.

Jeff Guldner Arizona Public Service

Corporate Law

Bill Hardin and Aaron Harmon at Osborn Maledon continue to exemplify the best counselors, lawyers, and business advisors I could have ever hoped for.

Cristina Carlino Art of Grace Foundation

Corporate Law

I have worked with Osborn Maledon for over 15 years with them representing both the buy side and sell side, as well as our being strategic advisors on deals. They are not only incredibily competent but also strategic. They know how to guide us through the rough patches in deals without losing our focus and getting emotional. They are a very impressive group of people.

Tom Blondi Self

Corporate Law

I often tell people that working with Jonathan Ariano from Osborn Maledon is one of the very best business decisions I've ever made. He is experienced and knowledgeable. Even if I come to him with a new issue in a new area that we have never worked on before, 95% of the time, he has had experience with this new issue with a different client in the past. So, the longer we work together, the more valuable he has become. I am certain we are not Jonathan Ariano's largest client, but he is very responsive to our calls or emails. To ensure that he gets us his advice or suggestions, he could even reply to us before 6:00 AM or way after 10:00 PM. Although the vast majority of my legal work goes through Jonathan, on three different occasions, I have needed a reference for other legal experts. Because Jonathan knows our business so well, he was able to suggest I use a different attorney in OM. Having Jonathan make this recommendation was critical to my decision to use them. And, before I even spoke with one of these other attorneys, Jonathan would speak to them about our background and specific needs. This made my first contact with the referred attorney even more effective and efficient. Here's what I would tell my brother if he were looking for legal advice. "If you are looking for smart legal advice, you'd be fortunate if OM would take you on as a client."

Bobette Gorden Influence At Work

Appellate Practice

We are trial lawyers who have used the appellate lawyers at Osborn Maledon for many years. Their expertise in appellate practice is unparalleled.

Steve Dawson Dawson and Rosenthal

Corporate Law

Bill Hardin and his team at Osborn Maledon are outstanding.

Sharon Riley Heska Corporation

Energy Law

Osborn Maledon took us on as a new client, and we have been pleased so far with the work they have done on our behalf.

Michelle Freeark Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

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