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Client Comments

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Corporate Law

I have used Osborn Maledon on several opportunities over the past 15 years and always found them to be extremely well qualified and effective. Most specifically is the firm's ability to not just provide legal counsel but to also operate as a strategic advisor on the business side. The amount of time and effort to get our business operating most effectively has been dramatically reduced using a firm like Osborn Maledon.

Tom Blondi Self

Real Estate Law

Thayne Lowe with Osborn Maledon's Real Estate Practice is a fantastic resource; and has been critical to helping us navigate real estate issues.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Every tech executive should have the good fortune to work with someone as knowledgeable and practical as Brett from Osborn Maledon. Brett is a master at crafting good solutions, keeping the parties at the table, and avoiding costly and time consuming litigation where possible.

Corporate Law

Osborn Maledon is filled with some of the best attorney's in the nation. I am a former client of much larger firms but find Osborn Maledon to be filled with attorney's who are more than just smart, they are nice, responsive and most of all creative. They provide more than strong legal guidance they provide sound business advice and strategic thinking to complex issues. Osborn Maledon creates value for its clients well beyond the legal hours they bill or advice they provide. Lastly, I respect the character of each attorney I have worked with and know them to be honest and filled with integrity.

John Fees

Appellate Practice

As a lawyer who has done complex commercial trial work for nearly thirty years, I recognize the importance and value of seeking out a highly capable appellate team to protect the results of my efforts in the trial court, and so do my clients. The Osborn Maledon appellate practice group has repeatedly demonstrated top tier thinking, judgment, skill, reliability and work ethic in matters where I have sought them out for appellate work in the state and federal courts.

Paul Conant

Energy Law

I have been working with Ms. Meghan Grabel, partner and lead on Energy Law at Osborn Maledon, for the past three years on a variety of projects in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Ms. Grabel is one of the most proficient, competent, and responsive attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 29 year professional career in the energy industry. In Arizona, she is without exception the most respected attorney in the energy space and is also highly regarded in Nevada and Arizona. Ms. Grabel also has a responsive and efficient support team at Osborn, and I recommend her and Osborn to all my professional acquaintances looking for a good law firm in the South West.

Ali Amirali

Appellate Practice

I have been using Osborn Maledon for my appellate work for about 20 years and they are excellent appellate lawyers!!

Karen Palecek Palecek and Palecek

Education Law

Osborn Maledon provides exceptional, comprehensive service, covering all areas of K-12 education law. Their attorneys with specific subject matter expertise confer and collaborate for the exclusive benefit of the client. They are incredibly thorough in answering client questions, ensuring the client not only has an answer to the specific question, but is also made aware of broader considerations. Osborn Maledon attorneys are quick to share their direct contact information and respond promptly to any request from the client. Their attorneys and administrative staff are the height of civility and professionalism. Their thorough understanding of K-12 education law, coupled with their having a full suite of attorneys specializing in specific areas, such as Special Education, makes them a cost-effective solution for schools to have access to comprehensive legal expertise for all aspects of K-12 education. This law firm also goes above and beyond. Not only do they engage in building and maintaining client relationships, they actively keep their clients and the broader K-12 public charter school community apprised of new legislation and new rulings, through their Lunch and Learn series, their partnership with the Arizona Charter Schools Association, and other outreach activities. Osborn Maledon has a reputation as a leader in K-12 education law in Arizona; that reputation appropriately reflects this client’s confidence in Osborn Maledon.

Crissie Rowley

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