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Pircher, Nichols & Meeks LLP

1 National Ranking & 2 Metro Rankings | Website

Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Real Estate Law

Pircher, Nichols & Meeks is top-notch, knowledgeable, professional and enjoyable to work with.

Brad Albrecht Eagle Realty Group

Real Estate Law

Pircher, Nichols & Meeks is a great group of attorneys who make their work seem effortless.

Michael Barnett Western & Southern Financial Group

Real Estate Law

I have been on both sides of a transaction with Pircher, Nichols & Meeks, and while I much prefer to have them working for me, I know that when they represent the other side of a transaction that their comments are thoughtful, made in consideration of the transaction at hand and contribute to the closing of the deal.


Real Estate Law

I have used many lawyers with Pircher, Nichols & Meeks and all have been great to work with.

Steven Levin Centennial Real Estate

Real Estate Law

Pircher, Nichols & Meeks is a great firm. They are highly talented people and a pleasure to work with.

Oscar Parra Pacific Retail Capital Partners

Real Estate Law

Pircher, Nichols & Meeks has as deep of a real estate bench as anyone in the business and they use this breadth of their experience to the benefit of their clients.

Seth Singerman