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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Real Estate Law

I’ve been in real estate development for over 25 years and have worked with hundreds of attorneys. Ragsdale Liggett is heads-and-shoulders above all the rest. Responses are timely and accurate and I always receive good counsel. They are indispensable to our success.

Mark Kirby Dixon/Kirby & Company

Real Estate Law

I have had the pleasure of working with the Ragsdale Liggett family for many years with two different national builders and they have been and remain the best to work with! Bobby, Ashleigh and Paula performed our closings with top notch professionalism while making every buyer feel they have their best interest in mind. Their paralegal staff go above and beyond to provide excellent service and support. It is truly a pleasure to work and interact with them every day.

Tiffany Lary MI HOMES

Real Estate Law

I work with Ragsdale Liggett on both a professional and personal level. I find people in the firm I work with to exhibit the highest standards of integrity and service to their clients. I truly value my relationship with Ragsdale Liggett.

Commercial Litigation

Ragsdale Liggett are good people that also happen to be good lawyers!

John Thompson John W. Thompson Architect, P.A.

Real Estate Law

Ragsdale Liggett is our preferred Real Estate Law Firm in the Triangle, they are the most professional and knowledgeable law firm in our market and we love using them! Bobby Ramseur, Ashleigh Black, and Paula Murray are 3 of the best attorneys around and our agents love them!

Player Murray Berkshire Hathawy Home Services

Insurance Law

Ragsdale Liggett's attorneys are a pleasure to work with and drive effective results. They are well versed in construction law and very responsive. They proactively manage and litigate their cases.

Commercial Litigation

I have worked with various attorneys in the firm over the past several years, and my experience has always been above board. Ragsdale Liggett has been very strategic in the way cases are handled, resolved, and settled regarding K-12 Schools.

Henry Smith Harnett County Schools

Litigation - Construction

Our attorney at Ragsdale Liggett, Sandy Mitterling Schilder, helped us navigate through a difficult experience with a home contractor. Ultimately, we were able to recoup all of the damages associated with the contractor's faulty work. My interactions with this law firm were always positive and professional. I would highly recommend Sandy and Ragsdale Liggett.

Curtis Hanson Wake Orthopedics, LLC

Real Estate Law

We have worked closely with Paula Murray and the other professionals at Ragsdale Liggett for many years. Their commitment to their clients is exemplary as is their consistent professionalism in all that they do in their daily residential real estate services. They have even visited our office to provide valuable training for our agents. Paula and her team as always available to answer quick question from one of our agents or clients. They are very community minded servants. They have worked hard to build and foster strong relationships in our professional community and beyond. We are proud and honored to serve alongside of Paula and her team!

Tom Smith Berkshire Hathawy Home Services Cameron Village

Litigation - Construction

Bo Walker of Ragsdale Liggett has done a great job for us on several matters. I really enjoy working with him and the firm.

Steve Like Cavco

Litigation - Insurance

We have utilized the services of two members of Ragsdale Liggett on cases in both North Carolina and South Carolina and could not be more pleased with them as good people who happen to be great lawyers. I now count them among my friends. They are now my "go to" law firm in the Carolinas.

Harvey Lightstone Claim Professionals Liability Insurance Co.

Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants

Ragsdale Liggett is professional and well versed in the discovery and defense of Senior Care claims. With Lee Evans' expertise & advice, claims are evaluated early and accurately; which moves them forward toward resolution as necessary.

Real Estate Law

I've worked almost exclusively with Ragsdale Liggett PLLC for several years now and would not trust any other firm in Raleigh to handle real estate matters as professionally and effectively. Ashleigh Black and Robert Ramseur are knowledgeable and dedicated advocates for their clients. The staff behind the scenes (the paralegals and the title searchers) are as good as they get. I genuinely love working with this firm, and I recommend them to literally every single one of my buyer clients.

David Worters Hodge Kittrell

Litigation - Real Estate

I'm a claim handler who was assigned to handle a Real Estate matter on behalf of a real estate selling agent. The agent listed a front porch as being new , when in fact it was refurbished. The plaintiff was very aggressive and clearly was attempting to embellish the actual damages. The parties agreed to attend mediation, which was conducted by phone. After plaintiff's counsel provided an aggressive presentation, defense counsel was able to offer a counter presentation while faced with a matter viewed as a liability case. Ragsdale Liggett's counsel was clearly prepared and presented extremely well.

Litigation - Construction

We have been working with Ragsdale Liggett for years, and they have always gone above and beyond. They are highly competent and responsive; they are a joy to work with.

Real Estate Law

Ragsdale Liggett's work is always accurate, presented clearly and completely to their clients to ensure their representation in matters is to the fullest degree. The attorneys and staff I have interacted with have always been a pleasure and they seem to 'make it happen' magically, though I know they are thinking ahead of the game so they can execute important plays down the road. Love the Ragsdale Liggett team for their experience, caring service and professionalism.

Rob Jamison Berkshire Hathawy Home Services Cary

Litigation - Real Estate

Our attorneys from Ragsdale Liggett have been incredibly professional with the handling of our legal issues. They are able to take on and effectively litigate complex cases. We always feel that we are in goods hands with them.

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