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Reid Collins & Tsai LLP

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Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai is among the very best firms I have worked with as a trust fiduciary handling complex litigation. The Reid Collins & Tsai team is smart, aggressive, strategic and plays to win.

Dean Ziehl Adelphia Recovery Trustc/o Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai is one of the most focused and effective law firms that I have ever worked with. They are responsive, direct and get to the issues at hand very fast. All of their people are well trained and very easy to deal with. I have never had a difficult interaction with the firm. I recommend them for complex litigation recovery cases on a regular basis.

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Eric Madden and his team at Reid Collins & Tsai are our go-to firm for complicated and contentious bankruptcy related litigations. Their expertise, responsiveness and results-oriented approach are second to none. Reid Collins & Tsai approaches litigation with the right level of aggression understanding that compromise may be the best business outcome in a particular matter. I enthusiastically recommend them for bankruptcy related litigations as the need arises in matters that I am involved in.

Eric Wilson Kelley Drye

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai understands the strategic decisions in litigation and cost benefit analysis with decisions and actions.

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai is a top-notch firm who deserves the best rating.

Marcus Helt Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai are great litigators with a terrific combination of talent, rigor and professionalism.