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Reid Collins & Tsai LLP is nationally ranked in 1 practice area and regionally ranked in 3 practice areas. The U.S. News - Best Lawyers® "Best Law Firms" rankings are based on a rigorous evaluation process.

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Litigation - Bankruptcy

There really is not a better pure litigation shop in the business. Reid Collins & Tsai has gotten incredible results in landmark cases and in cases that have not made the headlines. What I find most impressive about them (and I have worked with Eric Madden and Bill Reid) is the way they handle the cases - firm grasp of the facts and the law and an unmitigated intent to litigate the case if necessary, but they don't let the academic arguments on the merits impact their practical judgment regarding whether a settlement is best for a client. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any sophisticated litigation matter.

Michael Nestor Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai has excellent litigators, who get high dollar results for their clients. Eric Madden has been particularly impressive, both in terms of substantive analysis, and the practical steps to achieve the best result for his clients.

Litigation - Bankruptcy

The team at Reid Collins & Tsai is world class when it comes to pursuing estate retained causes of action on behalf of creditors and trustees. Their experience enables them to quickly assess the situation and determine the most efficient and effective path forward. Reid Collins is our go-to law firm for the most difficult and challenging cases.

Eric Wilson Kelley Drye

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collings & Tsai is a great firm. They are cutting-edge; their litigators are smart, effective, and know their business. They demonstrate expertise in Litigation-Bankruptcy and complex Commercial Litigation. They are a pleasure to work with.

Litigation - Bankruptcy

Reid Collins & Tsai is among the very best firms I have worked with as a trust fiduciary handling complex litigation. The Reid Collins & Tsai team is smart, aggressive, strategic, and plays to win.

Dean Ziehl Adelphia Recovery Trustc/o Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP

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