Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs

I truly appreciate meeting Rebecca Walsh and having her as my lawyer. She was professional and a hard worker. Mrs. Walsh was also great at communicating what was going on in terms that I could understand! This was a very stressful time for my family and me, and Rebecca always had the right words to say to ease my mind. I fully trusted her and would definitely refer others to Reiter & Walsh!

Amanda Nowaczewski Individual

Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs

I cannot say enough good things about Reiter & Walsh. Everyone was extremely helpful. From the lawyers to the staff in the office, everyone was a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I have never used a lawyer before this, and I was extremely apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect. Rebecca Walsh took me by the hand and guided me through the whole process. I don't know what we would have done without Reiter & Walsh. Rebecca Walsh explained to me and my wife exactly what was going to happen and how they would navigate the process. They made a very bad situation a lot easier to accept. The great thing about Reiter & Walsh is they protect you. Without such a competent law firm, the opposition would have taken advantage of our situation. There is no doubt picking the right law firm makes a big difference in your outcome. We thank you, Jesse Reiter, Rebecca Walsh, and the wonderful staff in the office. You are the greatest!

Robert Henderson

Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs

Reiter & Walsh are experts in the field when it comes to birth trauma. They are professional, understanding and always keep us informed on what is going on. They are honest and always available for questions. I would recommend them to anyone.