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Commercial Litigation

My regret is not having engaged this superior firm at the beginning of the case. The firm offers stellar legal services, including communicating with the client in all phases regarding the merits of the suit and any potential roadblocks. In my opinion, they are a superior provider of legal services, irrespective of the case’s complexity. The financial investment I made yielded a favorable conclusion.

Irma Villarreal Irma Villarreal

Commercial Litigation

Excellent and very well-qualified lawyers. The cost for this extremely complex case was relatively steep for my pocketbook, but they did a very thorough and effective job. I was impressed with the Richardson Firm.

Commercial Litigation

Jim Richardson excels in every category listed, and then some. Jim is sincerely one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant attorneys I have encountered in my business career, and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jon Washam

Commercial Litigation

The Richardson Firm has my endorsement! The firm is very thorough and explores every aspect of a case, with no detail left unexamined. As highly skilled professionals, they are diligent and committed to fully researching critical issues and providing the best experts when needed. The Richardson Firm offers superior service and doesn't miss a beat.

Rosemary Contreras

Commercial Litigation

There's a reason why the Richardson Firm is consistently ranked among the top law firms in Texas. The firm confidently and professionally navigated our family-owned business through a personal and delicate situation. Jim Richardson simplifies complex issues and takes a no-man-left-behind approach, meaning, he ensures everyone involved understands what's going on and is walking in lockstep. Jim and his team make themselves available on weekends, work after-hours, and above all, are kind. Jim is the type of guy you look forward to seeing because you always know you will learn something new. We are fortunate and grateful to the Richardson Firm for representing us and making us feel as though we are their top priority. They're a top-notch team!

Juan Meza Juan in a million

Commercial Litigation

We could not have had better legal representation. Jim Richardson has represented us in federal court and various Texas trial and appellate courts for over 15 years. He has been extremely responsive to meeting our legal needs.

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