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Civil Rights Law

I know two of the name partners, Sandy Rosen and Michael Bien extremely well. One of my former students is a long-time associate at the firm and several of my students have been associates there in the past. I have tremendous respect for the firm's expertise, which is based not only on reputation but experience working with members of the firm on a case.

Civil Rights Law

The team at Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld represented my daughter, who is deaf and has many medical challenges, during a time of numerous and lengthy hospitalizations. I cannot thank them enough for their help in securing the interpretive services my daughter needs when in the hospital or related physicians' offices. They will forever be on the top of my list of best law firms and best persons in general.

Robert Egan RJE Consulting, LLC

Civil Rights Law

The associates at Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld that I have had interaction with have been professional, knowledgeable and responsive. At our initial meeting our options were discussed without pressure, and we felt secure that we had chosen the right firm moving forward. In meeting with my elderly mother-in-law, Rose Grunfeld was very kind and understanding. I would have no hesitation in referring a friend to this firm.

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