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Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, P.L.L.C.

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Commercial Litigation

Rusing Lopez & Lizardi represented my family in a very complicated legal matter and was 100% successful including winning an award of all my legal fees. Mick Rising, Oscar Lizardi and Andrew Sterling are excellent lawyers and litigators. I would not hesitate to use their firm again. They are the best in Tucson!

Scott Candrian

Commercial Litigation

Rusing Lopez & Lizardi got us excellent results. I have been advised and treated very professionally; their advice has always been the correct one.

Rod Diaz Diazteca

Real Estate Law

Oscar Lizardi of Rusing Lopez & Lizardi deserves a special compliment for his outstanding community service involvement and for his vast knowledge of all commercial and transactional law. He is innovative in his thinking and exceedingly comfortable in the way he interacts with clients and members of the community. He is trustworthy and is willing to share his knowledge. He is a mentor to several lawyers and is called upon by various organizations to speak on important matters such as the immigration laws that need attention. We continue to work closely with Mr. Lizardi for personal and business-related matters and have found him to be an outstanding lawyer. Also, Mick Rusing is one of the finest litigators in the country and continues to contribute to the community and has been responsible for grooming some of the finest lawyers in the nation.

Vinnie Mehta Navika USA

Commercial Litigation

The depth of legal knowledge and business acumen Pat Lopez's team brings to the table is unparalleled, especially with respect to Arizona Issues, and Mick Rusing's litigation practice is nationally respected and specifically Andrew Sterling's pre-trial practice is both persuasive and precise. I have utilized their services in various of matters and would not hesitate to do so again. The transactional and litigation practices work seamlessly together to make various bodies of law integrate into a business framework in an effective manner. Their real willingness to understand the goals of the client in combination with their people and rapport with co-counsel have led me to recommend Rusing Lopez & Lizardi as the only firm for commercial matters in Southern Arizona to the most legally sophisticated and family alike.

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