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Commercial Litigation

We have had a long standing personal and professional relationship with Rusty Hardin & Associates. Over the years, RHA has provided unsurpassed legal services in connection with the commercial litigation needs of Ponderosa Land Development Company. While effectively and efficiently handling several complex commercial litigation matters, RHA delivers unparalleled results.

James Chang YSM-Ponderosa, LLC

Commercial Litigation

Joe Roden with Rusty Hardin & Associates is without peer. Joe's responsiveness and command of the law are only overshadowed by his integrity and dedication to his clients. As a client, I can attest to the fact that legal matters do not simply take place in courtrooms and conference rooms. So much of the process takes a personal toll, which we carry home with us. Mr. Roden worked after-hours, responded quickly and often, and took care to explain things in nomenclature I could understand. He is also fiercely determined that his clients receive justice. Rusty Hardin & Associates wear the white hats - and they have a solid-gold reputation for good reason. It is rare to find brilliance, confidence and integrity packaged together. Joe Roden and Rusty Hardin are the full package.

Angel Texada

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