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Seward & Kissel LLP

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Banking and Finance Law

Seward & Kissel is a key business partner for our business. They are highly responsive, and my experience has been very positive. They have highly skilled and experienced lawyers to support our transactions. The advantage of S&K is they take the time to learn our business and think along with us in a strategic way.

Insurance Law

Bruce Paulsen is lightning quick at responding, knowledgeable, pragmatic and good at finding solutions to knotty problems.

Corporate Law

Seward & Kissel is easily the top in the class. They are my go-to firm, every time. When we are forced to use another firm, I'm always reminded why it's always Seward & Kissel when I get to choose.

Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Seward & Kissel has a well-deserved great reputation for M&A in the asset management industry.

Admiralty & Maritime Law

I have worked with the ship finance practice at Seward & Kissel for 12 years, and I hold Messrs. Rutkowski and Timpone in the highest regard. They are both confidants and trusted advisors, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. I have worked with them continuously over the last 12 years and find their work product to be consistently excellent.

Hugh Baker Evercore Partners

Admiralty & Maritime Law

Seward & Kissel is an excellent firm and really knows admiralty and maritime Law. They are true professionals.

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