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Sherin and Lodgen LLP

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Commercial Litigation

Sherin and Lodgen worked on a pro bono basis for 3 years on litigation that was ultimately successful and allowed our church to place solar panels on our church in a historic district, an unprecedented feat! Their competence, responsiveness, thoroughness, generosity, and simple humanity was unparalleled. They even joined in pulling the rope of our historic steeple bell so that its pealing might celebrate our victory, and soon thereafter, attended and participated in the service and ceremony when we dedicated the solar panels. In a word, Sherin & Lodgen is the BEST!

Rev. John Gibbons First Parish - Bedford

Real Estate Law

Sherin and Lodgen is a mid-sized Boston law firm with highly qualified real estate law expertise in all facets of commercial real estate.

Real Estate Law

I have never worked with a better firm top to bottom than Sherin and Lodgen, barring none!

Real Estate Law

Sherin and Lodgen is one of the best bank attorneys I've had the pleasure of working with. They have the expertise to tackle complex transactions, particularly within the renewable energy sector, and consistently provide exceptional client service.

Jillian Wagner Cambridge Trsut Company

Real Estate Law

It's rare to find a law firm that has both the requisite transactional legal expertise as well as a full understanding of the business reality of the client. Sherin is is exceptional at crafting the appropriate legal scope for a given transaction at a cost that is mutually beneficial for both sides.

Daniel Poydenis

Real Estate Law

The entire team at Sherin and Lodgen, especially Carla Moynihan, has been a fantastic partner to us, and I would highly recommend working with them.

Real Estate Law

Gary Markoff and his team have been long-time attorneys and I can tell they genuinely care about our success.

Justin Gordon Gordon Industries

Commercial Litigation

Sara Jane Shanahan is a superb trial lawyer.

Real Estate Law

I am continually impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise that the team at Sherin and Lodgen brings to the complex real estate transactions on which we work. As a social impact loan fund, we work with a diverse group of organizations with unique and specialized projects using some of the most sophisticated public funding sources available in the community development field. Sherin and Lodgen is always ready to assist us and does so with remarkable skill and ease. We also appreciate that the Sherin and Lodgen team embraces our mission-driven work and brings patience and compassion to the deals on which we work together.

Commercial Litigation

I have worked with this firm, both as a client and across the table from them in commercial real estate transactions. I have always found them knowledgeable and responsive.

Arthur Hooper Cerruzzi Properties

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