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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Trusts & Estates Law

I have had regular contact with Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll for several years. The firm is highly competent, creative, ethical, practical, responsive, and professional. At the same time, the firm's culture is friendly and down to earth. The firm genuinely cares about its clients' needs and problems. I have referred others to this firm without hesitation and will continue to do so.

Litigation - Tax

I worked with Stein Sperling on income tax matters; excellent experience and I highly recommend.

Trusts & Estates Law

I’ve had significant professional experience working with law firms providing service and expertise in trusts and estates law. I purposefully chose to work with Stein Sperling—and in particular Attorney David Torchinsky—because of the high quality of professional practice offered and delivered. My personal needs are exceptional because I must plan and provide for an adult disabled child as well as my own concerns as an aging parent. Stein Sperling is knowledgeable, always up-to-date with current laws; timely in responding; outstanding in management and teamwork; and compassionate with regard to potentially challenging circumstances. Competence and efficiency have conserved my resources, and I always recommend this firm to others in my community. I expect to remain a long term client.

Annette Jolles

Tax Law

I found Stein Sperling through an online article on 2010 Estate Tax law, written by Eric Rollinger. I contacted Eric to discuss my circumstance. He was attentive, empathetic, professional and truly passionate about pursuing a solution for me. His experience and drive made a life-changing difference for me. What's even more remarkable is the fact that this entire process and outcome was accomplished by phone and e-mail, as I live in another state. It is a true testament to the capabilities of this firm. I have never met Eric Rollinger personally; however, I would very much like to shake his hand one day. I would sincerely recommend this firm and their representation to anyone with a legal tax challenge. They are truly on their game.

Tracy Sivillo

Commercial Litigation

Jeff Schwaber is an outstanding litigator. He thinks and acts in such a manner as to enhance his clients' positions. We have used several litigators over the years, and Jeff is clearly at the top of the list. I know many lawyers have a higher profile, but none are smarter or more capable. Assisted by Deanna Peters, the Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll team consistently delivers a high quality and cost-effective approach. They are smarter and better prepared than their peers. I recommend them to every CEO I know, regardless of business or case size. They have a methodological approach, which continually creates success.

Matthew Weinberg

Tax Law

Our firm has been working with Stein Sperling DeJong Driscoll for the past 20 years on a variety of complex domestic and international tax matters. They have been timely, thorough and creative with the advice given to our clients. We are continually impressed with their command of all aspects of tax law and efficiencies with which they resolve client tax issues.

Charly Jabbour

Tax Law

This reference is in support of Mark Schweighofer at Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll. Having worked with the firm since 2014, Stein Sperling is one of the most dedicated firms comprised of outstanding lawyers. It is common to find references in excessive praise, but in the case of Stein Sperling - and Mark Schweighofer and his team - it is richly deserved. In summary, Mr. Schweighofer and his team are exceptional in quality of service, responsiveness, communication (oral and written), and value for money. The team is comprised of top-notch quality leaders who are industrious and thorough in their work. The legal strategies employed by Mr. Schweighofer are of considerable intellectual merit with well-reasoned thoughts, carefully articulated. Fundamentally, Mr. Schweighofer's legal services are invariably based on a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the law and the client's specific needs and concerns.

Trusts & Estates Law

Although I live in Minnesota and Florida, I chose Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll in Washington for their expertise. The Trusts and Estates group took care of me as if I were a multi-million dollar client. They made sure that all contingencies were provided for, and enabled me to understand the maze of legal and tax considerations that affect even modest estates. They responded to all my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, typically within a few hours (and immediately if required). They've structured my estate in a manner for which my heirs will be grateful. I'd recommend Stein Sperling without hesitation.

Dick Cardozo

Family Law

With Stein Sperling, I was consistently impressed with the attentiveness to case details, legal intricacies, interest in planning/strategy, and thoughtful formulation of arguments rested on clear examples. I never worried about the competence of the attorneys. I did have some concern with the amount of research conducted at times, but it tended to help at later times counter absurdities flung our way. In short, they took a horrendous situation, worked and managed it, then helped to end it on far better terms than what could have been at the start.

Jason Torres IMF

Trusts & Estates Law

Steve Widdes, the partner at Stein Sperling with whom I worked, was exceptional. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish in establishing an estate plan, he helped me clarify my objectives, and then he developed a plan specifically designed to meet my needs all in a timely manner. My experience with this firm validates the outstanding reputation it has as one of the best firms in the region for estate planning.

Family Law

Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll is well-equipped and knowledgeable of the family laws. My lawyer, Ms. Casey Florance, was well-prepared and always open to listen to my needs. We had a hearing that took eight hours. Ms. Florance was well-prepared to cross examine all witnesses getting the best answers needed to win my case. She was able to select the best evidence for the case. Ms. Florance overpassed my expectations.

Fabio Roa

Commercial Litigation

I have personally worked with many of the top firms in the Washington DC area. And I can unequivocally state that Stein Sperling's commercial litigation practice is pound for pound, dollar for dollar the best investment you can make in your all important law firm relationship. Their abilities in contracts and intellectual property are unrivaled. Jeff Schwaber and Deanna Peters are a top notch litigation team, and Karen Shapiro is who you want drafting your contracts. Top to bottom Stein Sperling is the best of the best.

John Fiore Monitoring Technology LLC

Commercial Litigation

The commercial litigation and employment practice at Stein Sperling was a tremendous partner and advocate throughout the process. The attorneys and associates helped navigate through the complexities and nuances of employment disputes with tactful precision and efficiency ultimately achieving a successful outcome.

Family Law

Paul Stein and his team at Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll have been extraordinarily helpful since 1994 in a difficult divorce, custodial, and alimony case. I would recommend Paul and the team to those facing a similar dispute.

George Dellinger Washington Analysis Corp

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