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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

Highly recommend Ashley Ward at Stites & Harbison for this work. He's a great attorney and easy to work with.

Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Defendants

I’ve had a long term relationship with Stites & Harbison. Great people, great attorneys and I highly recommend them.

Health Care Law

Janet Craig of Stites & Harbison is one of the best healthcare attorneys in the country.

Environmental Law

The team at Stites & Harbison are really good lawyers who demonstrate excellent subject-matter expertise.

Ryan McManis Level 3 Communications

Environmental Law

Stites & Harbison in Lexington are experts in their field. They go above and beyond providing excellent service and responsiveness. They make themselves available to their clients and achieve excellent results.

Environmental Law

Stites & Harbison are very knowledgeable and responsive. They are a great team with which to work. Their industry knowledge and contacts are very helpful in obtaining excellent results.

Construction Law

Stites & Harbison has always been able to help regardless of the issue and/or complexity.

Bill Quenemoen Denham-Blythe

Corporate Law

Stites & Harbison has done an excellent job helping us with numerous lease arrangements and corporation formations.

Bill Quenemoen Denham-Blythe

Corporate Law

I had a great experience working with Stites & Harbison.

Environmental Law

I have had great service from the team at Stites Harbison.

Environmental Law

The partners at Stites & Harbison have a deep understanding of mining reclamation and related environmental issues. They translate this expertise into practical advice that I rely on regularly in my business.

Patent Law

No matter the office that a particular case is directed I can expect to receive the same outstanding service and excellent work product from Stites & Harbison. They have personable attorneys and staff with a broad range of subject matter expertise.

Construction Law

I have the utmost faith and trust in Stites & Harbison.

Majid Samarghandi Triton Services

Construction Law

Stites & Harbison is an outstanding firm with great people and wise, practical focus in their work.

Charlie Carter American Institute of Steel Construction

Banking and Finance Law

Stites & Harbison remains at the top of the list of firms I use because of their experience, cost effectiveness and responsiveness. Walker Entwistle and Harold Gill provide consistent and quality legal work with every transaction.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Stites & Harbison have given us timely and insightful advice on a range of litigation/IP matters in the USA in recent years.

Construction Law

Stites & Harbison is the premiere construction law firm in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Buck Hinkle Hinkle Construction Services

Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

Stites & Harbison takes a knowledgeable and pragmatic approach to litigation and works to facilitate cost-effective resolution.

Real Estate Law

We rely on Stites & Harbison for legal services in a variety of areas: lending; employment law; accounts and regulatory advice regarding accounts; probate claims; and litigation. Stites & Harbison is responsive and professional. We are very pleased with the work of Stites & Harbison.

Julian Bibb Franklin Synergy Bank

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