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Washington, D.C.
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  • Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
  • CCA - The Competitive Carriers Association
  • Columbia Capital Corporation
  • General Communication, Inc.
  • M/C Venture Partners
  • MCG Capital Corporation
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • PRWireless, Inc. d/b/a Open Mobile
  • Triad Cellular Corporation

Highlighted Client Comments

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Communications Law

The attorneys and staff at Telecommunications Law Professionals are my "go to" firm in D.C. for FCC work. They are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of telecommunications, be it wire line or wireless. They are trusted by the biggest named companies in America and the world for giving thoughtful, current, and timely telecommunications advice. I have worked very closely with the firm over the years on joint projects, and Telecommunications Law Professionals is my preferred D.C. firm. I would be proud to have my name associated with this recommendation.

Mark Williams Sherman & Howard

Communications Law

The team at Telecommunications Law Professionals have been consistent performers throughout multiple engagements. When I need perfection in a timely manner, this is my "go-to" firm. Telecommunications Law Professionals is eager to team with our company and find best solutions. I have never been disappointed.

Paul Roberts American Tower Corporation

Communications Law

Telecommunications Law Professionals is our go-to DC law firm for all matters FCC-related. They are top-notch, one of the very very best firms in this arena.

Communications Law

I have used Telecommunications Law Professionals for everything from routine tracking of matters relevant to us at the Federal Communications Commission to time-sensitive matters including comment filings and responses to potentially adversarial matters. They keep me informed on a regular basis and are top-notch when it comes to tactics and strategy in challenging situations.

Communications Law

Telecommunications Law Professionals has the perfect mix of legal expertise and practicality. We've been working with them for more than 5 years and they are intimately familiar with our policy and budgetary needs. They provide a great tool in our arsenal.

Rebecca Thompson CCA - The Competitive Carriers Association

Communications Law

Telecommunications Law Professionals are factually the most responsive and supportive group of lawyers I have ever engaged as outside counsel. They are an outstanding team.

Bonnie Paskvan Calista Corporation

Communications Law

Telecommunications Law Professionals is top-notch when it comes to telecommunications legal advice that takes into consideration business aspects of regulatory matters. They provide counsel that is supported by a complete knowledge of the sector, as well as the client's operations and drivers. We have used them for everything from the ordinary, such as tracking FCC activity and dockets, to the extraordinary, including time-sensitive adversarial matters requiring rapid development of tactics, strategy, and advocacy materials. In particular, Michael Lazarus can be commended for his responsiveness, knowledge, and advocacy, as well as his relationships with industry decision-makers.

Communications Law

With Telecommunications Law Professionals, I always know that my interests are being considered even when I am not able to track every issue. That alone brings great value, but considering that the firm literally never bills me for this sort of "side-monitoring" sets it above other firms on which I've relied over decades.

Corporate Law

Telecommunications Law Professionals is an excellent firm. They are strong at all levels and I am very satisfied when I am represented by them.

Craig Viehweg Triad Cellular Corporation

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