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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Jeff Tenenbaum is an outstanding attorney and one I recommend on a regular basis. He knows more about non-profit law than anyone I know. His professional demeanor and collegial manner make it a pleasure to work with him.

Kathleen Larmett National Council of University Research Administrators

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Jeff is always available for quick questions and for longer detailed discussions. He has guided our association through many complicated situations. He is a true gem!

Meg Murray Association for Community Affiliated Plans

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Jeff is always responsive to our requests and spends time to understand our particular situation.

Elizabeth Moore Ladies Professional Golf Association

Nonprofit / Charities Law

The Tenenbaum Law Group is a very responsive partner that provides exceptional legal counsel that always comes from a measured and cautious approach. The group does not come from a place of reactions, but rather is very discerning and outlines all the angles of every situation before providing clear guidance and advice. They have always gone above and beyond for my organization and I would say that I represent a small, science association. I know that they have other clients who are much more larger than mine, however, I would never know this because they are always so very responsive and attentive.

Dresden Farrand American Water Resources Association

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Tenenbaum Law Group is fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and appropriately assertive. Great to work with.

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Tenenbaum Law Group has provided outstanding legal support and services for our organization. He is highly regarded by the Board of Directors and is specifically requested by the Board for input on key organizational issues. Jeff Tenenbaum is one of the most responsive attorneys our organization works with in terms of his ability to jump right on issues that require immediate attention. Highly recommend Tenenbaum Law Group for their work with our non-profit!

Nonprofit / Charities Law

The Tenenbaum Law Group is simply one of the most experienced and highly regarded law firms serving the association and non-profit community.

Gary LaBranche National Investor Relations Institute

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Jeff Tenenbaum has been working in the nonprofit space for decades. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his clients and to the broader community. He freely shares his knowledge through community networks of association executives to help better the broader industry. I have been a client of Jeff's for close to 10 years and know that he is one of the best.

Amy Dufrane Human Resource Certification Institute

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Of the lawyers with whom I work, Jeff Tenenbaum and the Tenenbaum Law Group are by far the quickest to respond to my requests for advice. They provide clear and efficient explanations of complex legal issues without wasting time on unnecessary conversations. I highly recommend the Tenenbaum Law Group.

Mitzi Osterhout American Traffic Safety Services Association

Nonprofit / Charities Law

In my opinion Jeff Tenenbaum is one of the top non-profit attorneys in the country. We have relied on Jeff's expertise for many years and will continue to do so for years to come. I always recommend Jeff to anyone seeking a non-profit attorney.

Nonprofit / Charities Law

We have gotten nothing but top-notch service from Jeff Tenenbaum. He has helped our organization with some very complex issues around how to set up new business initiatives and how to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on some of our events. He provides focused, concise and effective work that helps keep the legal budget reasonable. I would recommend the Tenenbaum Law Group to anyone!

Nathan Truitt American Forest Foundation

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Tenenbaum Law Group were able to help us in negotiations regarding Force Majeure execution on a large hotel contract during the pandemic. The insights and action steps provided by Tenenbaum Law Group were so valuable to my organization and as a result, we were able to sever an agreement, and not having a close to $1 million dollar penalty imposed. I highly recommend!

Jim Rumsey Society for Investigative Dermatology

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Tenenbaum Law Group has extensive experience working with non-profits from both a legal expertise and an operational/practical background. He excels in the facilitation of your goals without getting mired in esoteric or highly improbable possibilities. Tenenbaum will help you avoid common mistakes, but he doesn’t spend his time and your money focusing you on what you “can’t do” but rather advises you on how to accomplish your goals in a operational manner that provides a safe framework for your organization and its officers, directors and employees, all with a long-term perspective. You can be direct with him and tell him how deep you want him to go and when you do/don’t have resources to commit and when you are exercising due diligence versus worried about something specific, and he focuses appropriately. As a client for over 20 years, I highly recommend Tenenbaum and his practical, professional and proficient expertise.

Lisa Beaty The Institute of Navigation

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Tenenbaum Law Group is a pleasure to work with. Expertise, responsiveness, quality of work, and cost effectiveness are all top notch. I regularly recommend this firm to other nonprofit professionals.

Joseph Stangl Air Force Association

Nonprofit / Charities Law

We have been working with Tenenbaum Law Group for over 20 years now. We do not have any hesitation to consult with Them. They are always honest and provide us with the best solution even if it is not what we want to hear.

Woulita Seyoum National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Nonprofit / Charities Law

Jeff Tenenbaum is an outstanding attorney who knows the association world extremely well. His advice on hotel contracts, convention cancellation, antitrust matters, and other matters, especially in the age of COVID-19, has been invaluable.


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