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Commercial Litigation

John Kim is one of the most persuasive courtroom lawyers you will ever encounter. John is thorough, detailed and tenacious. But no juror or client would ever fault him for it. He is a "go-to" for "material effect" litigation and problem solving.

Jerry Young Mustang Machinery Company, Ltd.

Commercial Litigation

John Kim is a fabulous lawyer.

Alistair Dawson Beck Redden

Commercial Litigation

Called on the eve of trial, veteran trial lawyers John H. Kim and Denise H. Kim of The Kim Law Firm obtained a take-nothing verdict in bet-the-company litigation that had sought over $17 million in damages plus punitive damages. The trial team also prevailed on a counterclaim and obtained a $2.2 million damages verdict for their client.

Commercial Litigation

I have handled cases with and against The Kim Law Firm for many years. I recently tried a 3-week jury trial with John and Denise Kim representing my co-defendant. They are outstanding trial lawyers and always adhere to the highest standards of ethics and civility.

Don Jackson Ware Jackson

Commercial Litigation

I have known the lawyers at The Kim Law Firm for many years, and I have seen them work firsthand. They are highly-qualified in commercial litigation and have established themselves as one of the go-to firms in this practice area.

Tim Rothberg Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

Commercial Litigation

The Kim Law Firm has the unique ability to concisely present complex cases to jurors resulting in great verdicts for its clients.

Don Kidd Perdue & Kidd

Commercial Litigation

I tried a contract dispute with John Kim a number of years ago. His cross examination of the other side's main witness was something to behold. Since then, he's only gotten bigger, as have his cases. As pressure builds, John's performance only improves. Part of this is the quality of the team John has around him.

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