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$9,650 Recovery In Wrongful Death Helicopter Crash

A helicopter carrying the husband and father of a Houston family crashed into the Gulf of Mexico after the engine failed unexpectedly. The man left behind a wife and two young children at home, who later sued the helicopter company and the deceased pilot’s estate. In order to find justice in the unfortunate event that took place, our law firm received a phone call.

The Houston wrongful death attorneys at The Krist Law Firm, P.C. were quick to respond to the situation and guided the family through the negligence and product liability lawsuit. Under our legal experience, we recovered $9,650,000. Case expenses totaled $238,167.14 with an attorney fee of 40%.

Mogenis v. Reyes 

Outcome: $3,100,000

Plaintiff, who owned a hunting guide service in Kerrville, TX, was shot during a hunting trip with Defendant when Defendant's rifle negligently discharged. Defendant had left rifle loaded, chambered, and unattended in the back of a vehicle. As Plaintiff walked past the rear of the vehicle, the rifle discharged and she was shot. Plaintiff sustained serious injuries to her hip, groin, bladder, vagina, and rectum, with medical expenses exceeding $675,000.

Brazeal v. Peltier

Outcome: $2,600,000

Mr. Brazeal was severely injured when his Mazda Protege collided with a Brangus bull standing on the roadway which had escaped its owner's ranch. Mr. Brazeal, a young pediatric anesthesiologist who had just finished his residency the same day as his accident, was left a quadraplegic, ultimately cutting short his promising medical career before it could even begin.

Cuellar v. Hydril Co. 

Outcome: $2,878,553

Plaintiffs were passengers in a Houston airport shuttle bus when a pickup truck owned by defendants ran a red light and collided with the bus. Resultant injuries included a ruptured spleen, torn rotator cuff, fractures of the spine at C1, C2, and C7, fractured ribs, fractured pelvis, fractured sacrum, lung scarring, herniation at C5 and C6 (requiring a fusion), and a separated shoulder.

Nolef v. Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, Inc.

Outcome: $1,500,000

Plaintiff, a UPS delivery driver on a scheduled pick-up at a university book store, was injured when a bookstore employee negligently activated a pallet jack used to help load books. The pallet jack hit Plaintiff on the back of the calves, causing him to fall. The incident left Plaintiff with a herniated disc and a fractured vertebra, ultimately requiring a fusion.

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