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The Law Firm of A.J. Temsamani P.C.

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Family Law

The Law Firm of A.J. Temsaman is the best! I can't imagine a better experience than I've had with The Law Firm of A.J. Temsamani. A.J. is perhaps the most caring and dedicated person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. If someone had asked me, when I first started working with the firm, to close my eyes and imagine the best experience that I could, I would not have come close the the amazingness that A.J. was able to provide. My lengthy and complex case stretched over years, and A.J. was at my side for every step, counseling me not just with his knowledge of the law, but his intricate understanding of the interrelations between me, my son, my (now) ex-wife, and the various entities we interacted with. Throughout, A.J. never lost sight of my immediate needs or long-term goals. Before beginning work with A.J., I spoke with a number of other attorneys, each of whom told me, as did A.J., that my desired outcome was unachievable. A.J. initially recommended another firm since he understood that working with him would be a stretch for me financially. I ended up coming back, at that time sensing what I later came to know through years of professional support, that given what was at stake, I couldn't afford not to work with him. And yes, A.J. did help me to achieve the unachievable. I could not have asked for more.

Family Law

My experience with Mr.Temsamani has been life changing. He was compassionate, a listener and answered every question. He made me feel like I was a friend rather than a client; tried to make my divorce go as smoothly as possibly and never delayed anything. Mr. Temsamani is an amazing human being and an excellent lawyer.

Anna Rufrano

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