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Family Law

Re: The Law Firm of AJ Temsamani AJ is one of the most considerate, dedicated, and strategically astute people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. In a case that stretched over years, and AJ was at my side for every step, counseling me not just with his knowledge of the law, but his foresight and understanding of the divorce process. A.J. was friendly and accessible, and he always took the time to sort through the various details and implications of each new development, with a vigilant eye towards maximizing opportunities wherever possible. Throughout, AJ never lost sight of my and my son’s momentary urgencies or long-term needs. Before I started working with A.J., I interviewed 5-10 other attorneys each of whom assured me, as did AJ, that my desired outcomes were impossible, even in a best-case scenario. A.J. initially recommended another firm since he understood that working with him would be a stretch, given my finances. After much deliberation, I came back to AJ, somehow sensing what I later came to know through years of professional support, that given what was at stake, I couldn't afford not to work with him. Once the dust settled, I found that AJ ended up helping me achieve the unachievable. I could not have asked for more. David Reed 5/20/22

David Reed

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