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Criminal Defense: General Practice

The expertise level at Worthington Law Centre was as promised. The communication and responses were thorough, immediate and clear. There was never a delay in any matter that concerned my case; they made me feel like their only client. Tom, Brian, and Karen were unwavering in support and conviction on my behalf. Brian Worthington exceeds expectations and limits; he is a genius. His words flow flawlessly and brilliantly during court presentation.

Vincent Tortorelli

Criminal Defense: General Practice

The people at the Worthington Law Centre from the attorneys, investigators, and even the office staff were always very helpful and understanding. They explained everything completely, both the pros and cons of each situation we ran into. They were very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions we had. They have always treated us with the utmost respect and courtesy. If I knew anyone in need of a criminal law firm I would definitely refer them to Worthington Law Centre.

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