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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at ThompsonMcMullan are consummate professionals who routinely obtain excellent results for their clients. They provide an exceptional level of customer service from the beginning of a case through its resolution.

Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

Every Interaction I have had with ThompsonMcMullan shows customer service, humility and grace in handling any case or the task at hand.

Employment Law - Management

Risk Management of VA could not have paired me, as a Constitutional Officer with a better and more professional Legal Firm as it related to my situation. My personality matched perfectly with William Price and William Tunner. The guidance and patience with me regarding my case was above and beyond expectation. While my particular case was settled, I had no fear of going to trial with these gentlemen to gain a win. I will forever be grateful to these guys.

Mark Bissoon Caroline County

Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law

You don't always know when or what kind of a lawyer/firm to got too, but I can say, that with my introduction to this law firm 20+ years ago, I haven't wanted to go anywhere else. I think anyone else that would be introduced today to the Thompson McMullan firm would be hard pressed to find a better firm with the attitude and need of assistance to its client. I believe the industry is suppose to be about the client and their issue/need to be solved, they understand that and remind me often of it with phrases like " I work for you". Very professional group.

Benjamin Myers Ironbridge LLC

Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships)

I have been a client of ThompsonMcMullan for 40 years and have always received prompt, high quality service. They take the time to understand the nuainces of my business and truly care about the service they deliver

James Thomas Griffin Real Estate LLC

Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law

I can't say enough good things about ThompsonMcMullan's work and the people that work there. Who they are: refreshingly business like personal, real with their rhetoric, confident with examples and approaches to your issue or issues. I've used the group for 20 years and wouldn't hesitate to say I'll be with them the next 20 years in my business needs.

Benjamin Myers Ironbridge LLC

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