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Immigration Law

Was very impressed with Trillos Ballerini Law Firm's knowledge and professionalism in handling my case. They had the right approach and consistently updated me on progress up until closure. I would totally recommend the attorneys at Trillos Ballerini Law Firm for their exceptional work, cost-effectiveness, and clinical approach to handling the case.

Immigration Law

If not the best, one of the best business immigration attorneys of Texas.

Raed Gonzalez Gonzalez Oliveiri, LLC

Immigration Law

Ms. Beatriz Ballerini represents the best in Immigration Law. I have collaborated with her firm on multiple occasions and I have always been impressed with her excellence, compassion, and responsiveness. I have referred many cases to her and will confidently continue to do so. I'm grateful to have her as a colleague and a fellow advocate for immigrants.

Rebecca Kitson Rebecca Kitson Law Immigration Attorneys

Immigration Law

An exceptionally thorough and efficient attorney.

Mithu Malik The Spice Route

Immigration Law

Extremely knowledgeable, high on customer service, and with reputation for excellence.

Danka Villarreal Law Office of Danuta Villarreal

Immigration Law

Our US Corporation is part of a multinational group. The Trillos Ballerini Law firm has been instrumental to set our US visa program with the INS, that allow us to support our Customers with the necessary expertise. With our exponential growth in the US, the demand of US personnel to support the group business grew as well and the Trillos Ballerini Law Firm has always been very efficiently supporting us with immigration laws of other Countries. Beatriz Trillos Ballerini is very professional and knowledgeable, and not only in US immigration law. Everybody in her law firm is very responsive and they have been really caring for us and our needs. We referred Beatriz Trillos Ballerini law services to many in the past and will continue to do so.

Edoardo Ascione Fagioli Inc.

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