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Umberg Zipser LLP

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Litigation - Banking & Finance

Upon retention of Umberg Zipser, under the guidance and leadership of partners Dean Zipser and Carole Reagan, immediately analyzed the salient facts and controlling law, developed a cogent theory of the case, and implemented an aggressive course of action. Throughout the approximately seven month period that the firm represented CalVet, I, along with my colleagues in the Department's Farm & Home Division, were universally impressed by Mr. Zipser's and Ms. Reagan's responsiveness, keen insight, unwavering courtesy, candor, unassailable honesty, and unimpeachable integrity. I would not hesitate for one moment to retain Umberg Zipser and any of its attorneys to represent CalVet in any financial litigation.

Todd Irby California Department of Veteran Affairs

Commercial Litigation

Umberg Zipser is very thorough and focused on winning litigation disputes, and advising clients how to prevent the next one.

David Harshman Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Litigation - Real Estate

I was referred to Umberg Zipser by another lawyer who felt this firm could better serve my needs. Although my case is a small one compared to other cases this firm handles, I am treated as though I am their most important client. Every email receives a quick and thorough response; every question is answered with relevant and helpful information. The firm of Umberg Zipser exemplifies courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency.