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Litigation - Banking & Finance

My experience with Umberg Zipser's work in Banking and Finance Litigation dates back to 2016, when I, acting in my role as Deputy Secretary & Chief Counsel, retained the firm to represent the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) in pre-litigation proceedings involving a large entity that had been engaged in significant financial interactions with CalVet over several years. Upon being retained to represent CalVet, Umberg Zipser's moved swiftly and decisively to evaluate the client's needs and objectives, and thereafter engaged in a series of carefully planned professional communications with counsel for the competing party, which ultimately resulted in a swift resolution of the pending dispute that met each of CalVet's financial and strategic objectives in an extremely cost-effective manner.

Todd Irby California Department of Veteran Affairs

Bet-the-Company Litigation

Umberg Zipser's legal service is above and beyond.

Bet-the-Company Litigation

I have retained the law firm Umberg Zipser - Mark Finkelstein, Esq. and have found they deserve your highest ranking. Their legal expertise at handling intellectual property legal matters is exceptional and of the highest quality. There counsel and advice is well researched and they are always well prepared. I have 100% confidence in their ability to successfully litigate any IP matter, or in the alternative negotiate a favorable legal resolution in a timely manner. Mark Finkelstein deserves your highest ranking as he is one of the most talented smartest attorneys I have had the pleasure to retain. He exercises excellent judgement and his legal strategies are well developed and have always resulted in a most favorable result. I would not consider retaining any other intellectual property counsel, or firm to handle our IP legal matters. I would recommend to anyone that needs a Best in Class IP counsel to retain Mr. Finkelstein and his firm Umberg Zipser, LLC

Commercial Litigation

Umberg Zipser is dedicated to a successful outcome.

David Harshman Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Umberg Zipser did excellent work throughout the process.

Doug Wead

Commercial Litigation

Umberg Zipser did excellent work throughout the whole process.

Doug Wead

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