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Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino, LLP

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Litigation - Construction

The performance of Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino was outstanding and exceptional. The team was efficient, punctual, including quick documents, messages, opinions turn around - I appreciate that the team highly dedicated itself to this arbitration, affable mood, flexible and acted in a cost-efficient manner. I want to emphasize that lawyer's technique of cross-examination is first-class and without peer.

Construction Law

As a boutique firm Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino is extremely knowledgeable and cost effective in delivering their services.

Construction Law

The lawyers at Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino have more construction industry litigation knowledge and experience than any other firm in the country. They are very cost effective while delivering a thorough and complete analysis. They can handle matters in any jurisdiction effectively and are our first choice for major construction industry litigation.

Construction Law

Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino lawyers are meticulous and can comprehend the law itself and complicated facts and technical matters concerning construction. They are very good at explaining them in easily understandable ways.

Construction Law

Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino is a top flight construction specialty firm. They are experienced, knowledgeable, cost effective and very communicative. Highly recommended.

Construction Law

Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino lawyers have excellent subject matter knowledge and are very cost effective. Experienced litigators who know their way around the courtroom; very knowledgeable of others in the field which enhances negotiations where needed.

Stuart Young Amentum (AECOM)

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