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Banking and Finance Law

I work with Kristen Veresh in the banking practice at Varnum. She works in the Northville/Livonia office. Kristen handles several accounts in my lending portfolio. I appreciate her intelligence, legal knowledge, organizational and communication skills, her responsiveness, and her pleasant demeanor. I work with several other law firms, in the Southeast Michigan area, but none as good as the legal services, and responsiveness, that I get from Kristen. Kristen, and I, also work to refer business back, and forth, to each other. It has been a very rewarding and long-standing relationship. I also trust Varnum to have the breadth to bring in other lawyers, within their firm, to add strength to anything that I am working on. Kristen has called upon lawyers, in other areas of her firm, on many occasions. They are all very knowledgeable, responsive, and pleasant to work with.

Banking and Finance Law

Varnum is always responsive, knowledgeable, understanding and willing to go the extra mile to keep me and my customers delighted.

Michael Blackburn Citizens Commercial Banking

Banking and Finance Law

Varnum is an invaluable and trusted service provider for our business' banking, finance and transaction requirements. Mary Kay Shaver, Peter Roth and Jacob Droppers are the practice partners who we have primarily worked with and believe their experience, service excellence and legal acumen are significant influencers to our company's past, current and future successes.

Eric Lambert Peterson Farms, Inc.

Corporate Law

Varnum is a wonderful value. They have highly skilled, expert attorneys and their rates are highly competitive. I give the firm my highest recommendation.

Corporate Law

Harvery Koning's M&A team at Varnum is first rate. They are pro-active and anticipate issues. They have helped us close key deals under tremendous time pressure.They also are flexible in their billing and are willing to consider arrangements that are not common in the M&A space. Highly recommended.

Commercial Litigation

I am an attorney and I know and have worked with many attorneys in my 32 years of practice. Ron DeWaard and Brion Doyle at Varnum are two of the finest attorneys I have had the privilege to ever work with. They both have my highest personal and professional recommendation.

Litigation - Tax

I've worked with Jeff DeVree for 20 years, 15 of those years at Varnum, mostly for tax planning, particularly for a M&A Transaction that resulted in a large tax savings. Also for company acquisitions and purchase-sale agreements, negotiations with sellers and energy sales & lease agreements. I was never concerned about having Jeff sit with me and negotiate with customer, seller or buyer.

Ray Easton Granger III & Associates LLC

Immigration Law

Kim Clarke, of Varnum, is excellent and we have used her for many years.

Thomas Butcher Grand Valley State University

Real Estate Law

Varnum has an outstanding real estate practice group.

Gary Wadsworth First American Title Insurance Company

Tax Law

I used Varnum for a M&A Project. Varnum was very knowledgeable, both in tax & M&A, pro-active, firm with the Buyer and ultimately a successful transaction & legal fees that were cost effective.

Ray Easton Granger III & Associates LLC

Commercial Litigation

Varnum lawyers are dependable and easy to work with, they provide great service at a reasonable rate.

Real Estate Law

Tom Forster at Varnumis an expert advisor. Capital markets, property transactions, mortgage debt, tenant relations. Wherever I am in the world, I only have to make one phone call to Tom. That is very comforting anytime, but especially during the challenges and obstacles of this market.

Andrew Shapack Mohawk Medical Properties

Corporate Law

Exceptional service and expertise from Varnum and, in particular, Pete Roth. Steve Morren is also very adept and well versed in real estate transactions with very good responsiveness.

Dan Scheid Harold Zeigler Auto Group

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