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Vinson & Elkins LLP

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Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Environmental Law

Vinson & Elkins is deeply involved in most of our environmental regulatory and litigation matters, among other things. They are an integral part of our team and give us outstanding service at all times.

Banking and Finance Law

The team at Vinson & Elkins are consummate deal lawyers, combining deep expertise with common sense to drive completion of transactions effectively and efficiently.

Corporate Law

Worked with Tres Cochran of Vinson & Elkins. He is outstanding!

Ed Knight Harrison Interests, Ltd. 

Energy Law

Worked with Tres Cochran of Vinson & Elkins. Tres has the best legal mind I've had the opportunity to work with over 40 years!

Ed Knight Harrison Interests, Ltd. 

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

Vinson & Elkins demonstrate strong energy finance and restructuring practice.

Litigation - Construction

Vinson & Elkins is all around excellent-- smart, thorough, resourceful, dedicated to client success, attention to detail.

Jim Dannenbaum Dannenbaum Engineering Co.

Commercial Litigation

Vinson & Elkins has a number of outstanding lawyers at different levels and specialty areas. I will highlight a few with whom I have worked. Matt Stammel in Dallas is one of the finest commercial lawyers around. Matt really digs in to understand the business and provides efficient practical advice. Chris Popov is an outstanding commercial litigation lawyer out of Houston. Chris also really understands the business and provides astute practical advice. Chris is also outstanding in an arbitration setting. Ferg McNeil, Pat Mizell and Mark Rodriguez out of Houston are also outstanding lawyers.

Appellate Practice

Vinson & Elkins appellate practice and practitioners, including Marie Yeates and Mike Heidler, are the gold standard. They are smart, practical and creative. When there's a challenging case to appeal, this should be your go-to firm.

Tax Law

Vinson & Elkins is very knowledgeable in this area and is extremely client-responsive. Partner George Gerachis is a standout.

Project Finance Law

Vinson & Elkins is an excellent firm, and the top partners are great! They are expensive but worth it for projects that merit all-out effort!

Thomas Tatham LNG Partners LLC

Commercial Litigation

Jeremy Marwell of Vinson & Elkins is an excellent appellate attorney, particularly with respect to energy matters. He remains at the forefront of litigation emerging issues in the sector.

Criminal Defense: White-Collar

I can't speak highly enough of Bill Lawler and his team at Vinson & Elkins. You won't find a lawyer anywhere else as knowledgeable about both the subject matter and the current thinking of the DOJ and SEC. This area of practice is overrun with lawyers who overreact to every situation without properly diagnosing the problem and its scope. Lawler and his team properly scope and staff to fit the size of the problem. They are extremely nice on a personal level, and have a knack for being the calming influence when needed, either with the client or the enforcement agencies. At the same time, they are very capable of making sure that you understand just how serious the situation could be.

James L. McCulloch Energies Technologies, Inc.

Commercial Litigation

We have used Bob Schick of Vinson & Elkins extensively and have great confidence in him. He is as good as they get and we trust him implicitly.

Randy Austin Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Tax Law

i have worked with one group at Vinson & Elkins for many years and had experience with others over the years. It is a very well-respected Texas based firm with a notable Washington DC office. Their work has always been thoughtful, and the lawyers are very knowledgeable.

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

I have always enjoyed working with the professionals at Vinson & Elkins. They bring a combination of legal expertise, creativity and pragmatism that are important in stressful and complex situations. In addition, the team has always been very civil and down to earth, which makes the working environment very enjoyable.

Employment Law - Management

Vinson & Elkins does consistently excellent work.

Adrienne Randle Bond Fortitude Management Group, LLC

Corporate Governance Law

When the wine glass spills, my first call is Lawrence Elbaum at Vinson & Elkins. His calm, analytical demeanor coupled with astute business acumen disguised as an attorney make him my preferred business confidant. Ironically, our relationship commenced as adversaries but we developed so much respect for each other in battle, it was an easy decision to combine forces. After almost 20 years in private equity, I have worked with countless senior partners at top tier law firms, but I have only developed one strategic, go-to, legal relationship for complex situations. Lawrence's business judgment and deal making prowess allow him to balance legal requirements with commercial objectives. With Lawrence, there is no start or stop time; he is constantly accessible. There is no ego or drama working with other lawyers. He humbly refers less familiar issues. Uniquely, Lawrence doesn't take advantage of client challenges but rather keeps in mind his clients' long term objectives and establishes and maintains fair billing and fee structures.

Brent Rosenthal

Administrative / Regulatory Law

In this area of practice, V&E is about as good as it gets. Their rates are also about the highest in the state. They are therefore more suited to big cases with a lot at stake. I gave them a 5 star reference for the former. They get a 4 star reference for cost-effectiveness because there are folks out there who are very nearly as good and who are much less expensive. But, when you are in a crunch, they are the go to guys. The firm is big, so they get 4 stars on responsiveness.