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Municipal Law

I have had many years of interaction with Wadleigh, Starr and Peters and have found them to be excellent.

Russell Sullivan Town of Auburn

Education Law

Wadleigh, Starr & Peters has by far the most outstanding attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. If I were to move to another district, part of my contract negotiations would include a stipulation that I continue to work with Attorney Dean Eggert!

Construction Law

My experience is with Frank Spinella of Wadleigh, Starr and Peters. I have been with him for 25 years and I have been extremely satisfied with his work.

Education Law

Dean Eggert at Wadleigh Starr and Peters has been an incredible partner; the firm's attorneys work to meet our needs and are flexible and kind.

Municipal Law

The Town of Auburn utilizes several of the attorneys at Wadleigh, Starr and Peters depending on the nature of the business at hand. Whether it is general municipal matter, labor relations, or land use issues, the Town of Auburn has been extremely well served by the knowledgeable and responsive attorneys at the Wadleigh Firm. We understand Auburn is the municipality with the longest client history at the Wadleigh Firm, and we don't see anything on the horizon that would change that. We would highly recommend them.

Bill Herman Town of Auburn

Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants

I retain Wadleigh, Starr and Peters for all of my work in the New Hampshire area. I highly recommend them to any party seeking defense work, particularly in medical malpractice or insurance defense. I am pleased with the results they provide. Their communication and representation of my company far exceeds many firms I work with across the country. They are highly skilled attorneys with depth of skill in associates.

Municipal Law

Wadleigh, Starr and Peters does an exceptional job providing strong legal counsel to ensure school administration is up-to-date and adheres to all legal requirements and responsibilities of a local school district. I specifically work with Attorney Dean Eggert who in my tenure as an Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent has legal expertise in all areas of school law to ensure our legal compliance and responsibilities are met. Our district is very fortunate to have Attorney Eggert as valuable legal counsel.

Dan Moulis Barrington School District

Education Law

Our school district works regularly with Wadleigh, Starr, & Peters. Our school district often seeks out the advice and opinions of the lawyers with whom we work (i.e., Dean Eggert, Alison Minutelli, and Kathleen Peahl) regarding policy and legal issues that arise. We have always been able to count on their up-to-date knowledge of relevant state and federal regulations, as well as their knowledge of case law (including the most recent court decisions). In addition to responding to issues that arise (often unexpectedly), the Wadleigh, Starr, & Peters lawyers who work with public school districts publish a monthly newsletter titled “In Brief.” Articles featured in the newsletter provide incredibly helpful information about legal issues that school districts may face--gender identity and transgender protection, decision of the United States Supreme Court in Endrew F., recent amendments to the State Department of Education’s special education regulations, an amendment to the Right-to-Know Law, etc. Dean Eggert and Alison Minutelli have also made available on the firm’s website a number of publications that provide detailed information on a number of relevant education topics—IDEA, Section 504, Bullying, and Seclusion/Restraint to name just a few. In closing, I also want to mention that our school district has worked closely with Dean Eggert to develop case study challenges for our district- and school-level administrators. Administrators participate in case study challenge cycles during which they need to analyze unique case studies for the embedded legal, ethical, and policy issues with an overarching goal of meeting the following core competency: When solving complex problems, makes effective and creative decisions that align with the Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs of the School District.

Ann Forrest Contoocook Valley Regional School District

Education Law

We work with Dean and Kathy at Wadleigh, Starr and Peters. They are exceptional!

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