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Ware, Jackson, Lee, O'Neill, Smith & Barrow, LLP

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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Commercial Litigation

Ware Jackson has some of the best trial attorneys in the state. Their skill, attention to detail, and expertise are unmatched.

Commercial Litigation

Ware Jackson is an integral business relationship for the company I work for. Being one of the largest homebuilders in the nation, unfortunately, we are a target for homeowners and trade partners. Working with a firm like Ware Jackson we instill confidence in them always having our best interest while doing what is right by both parties. It's very easy to endorse a firm that handles all their claims and clients with the upmost professionalism and respect as Ware Jackson does. The experience, knowledge and diversity Ware Jackson has, I have not experienced at any other firm in Houston. I cannot say enough great things about this firm!

Commercial Litigation

Clearly outcome matters but Ware, Jackson was prepared and spent the time to get everyone ready for trial. A challenge was that one of the defendant directors was also a lawyer and I think they handled it very well.

Peter Schwab

Commercial Litigation

Ware, Jackson, Lee, O'Neill, Smith & Barrow is an excellent firm. They cared for us beyond expectation. Their depth of understanding, and highest level of the practice of law was outstanding, as well as the personal relationship that grew during association.

Commercial Litigation

I found my interactions with Mr. Smith and Mr. Barrow of Ware, Jackson, Lee, O'Neill, Smith & Barrow firm in Houston exceeded my expectations. They were knowledgably, professional, and courteous yet firm. Of all the firms, internationally and US Based, I have worked with they are by far the top.

Mike Mansfield

Commercial Litigation

We worked directly with Knox Nunnally, of Ware, Jackson, who did a fantastic job of preparing and guiding our team through the deposition process. His extremely knowledgeable, thorough and experienced approach helped us navigate a tremendously delicate situation towards a best case outcome. We will continue to seek out Mr. Nunnally's services in the future if needed and enthusiastically recommend him to others for their corporate litigation needs.

Jesse Pletts

Commercial Litigation

Ware Jackson (and specifically Knox Nunnally) was a pleasure to work with, and allowed us to fight and prevail against a multi-billion dollar pipeline company. We couldn't have done it without them.

Litigation - Environmental

I have always found the attorneys with whom I work with at Ware, Jackson, Lee, O'Neill, Smith & Barrow to be extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. The firm has a diverse background of attorneys available to contribute expertise and understanding to most every situation which might arise. I have always been treated with respect and they treat opposing counsel likewise.

Frosty Gilliam

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