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Immigration Law

I have had the pleasure of working with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for more than five years. With that said, the service is excellent. Raju, the attorney I usual work with is very knowledgeable and always has time to explain things in detail to me. No case is ever the same, so it's comforting that after working together for so long, the patience to explain things to me is still there. I would highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers; they are fantastic!

Danielle Truesdale PrimeRevenue, Inc.

Immigration Law

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers are a very good team and we got 100% good service from them. They have amazing attorneys who are extremely knowledgeable in the immigration field; always prepared from the beginning and made sure we always were two steps ahead. If you are looking for an amazing attorney please contact this firm!

Ramesh Indumathi Byteware